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Plasma-Cutting Steel Underwater Is a Wondrous Phase of Shipbuilding

Thanks to this explanatory video full of really cool time lapse footages, we can take a look inside BAE Systems’ shipbuilding halls in Scotland, where the new offshore patrol vessels for the Royal Navy are being built as part of a £348 million contract. Read More >>

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This Passive Exoskeleton Makes 36 lbs Feel Like Nothing

You all remember the TALOS, right? That big cybernetic exosuit designed to boost the physical abilities of its wearer? This is its unpowered cousin and, while it won't turn you into Captain America (regardless of how awesome that would be), it is already revolutionising how America's Navy builds its battleships. Read More >>

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This 3,600-Tonne Goliath Crane Has Laser Vision and a Robot Brain

Ships today—even the massive likes of the Emma Maersk and Marco Polo—just aren't big enough to handle the demands of globalised trade. So to quickly and safely build the next generation of super-sized LNG tankers and container vessels, China's Dalian shipyard relies on GE's staggeringly-huge, laser-guided Goliath gantry crane. Read More >>