3M Reinvents Bubble Wrap, Promises to Reduce Shipping Materials By Half

Despite repeatedly being called out for the practice, online stores like Amazon are still occasionally getting caught shipping tiny items in comically oversized boxes. It’s wasteful, it reduces the amount of cargo a truck can carry, and it inspired 3M to redesign bubble wrap to greatly reduce the packaging needed to ship smaller items. Read More >>

Amazon Patent Points to Future in Which Humanity Is Reduced to Screaming at Drones

Get ready to grovel for your next shipment of toilet roll. A recently published Amazon patent depicts a delivery drone capable of recognising and responding to human gestures and speech, which means you may want to practise the art of supplication to ensure proper delivery of that two-ply to your front door. Read More >>

This Machine Creates a Custom Perfectly-Sized Box For Whatever You’re Shipping

The internet’s full of stories of tiny products being shipped to customers in absurdly oversized boxes. It’s not only a waste of cardboard, it’s also a waste of cargo space as the products are being shipped. But a company called Slimbox thinks it has the solution with a machine that creates custom, perfectly-sized boxes on demand. Read More >>

3d printers
Watch What Happens When You Ship a 3D Printer While it’s Still Printing

3D printers have revolutionised the speed at which prototype parts can be created, but what if your deadline is so tight you can’t wait for the printer to finish before the part is shipped out? That’s easy, you just pack up the entire printer in a box, with a battery for power, and send it off in the mail. Read More >>

Transporting an Enormous Aircraft Carrier, Piece By Piece

BAE Systems has just published an amazing time lapse video showing how the largest section of Britain’s second Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carrier was tossed and towed to Rosyth Dockyard from the dock in Glasgow where it was built. Read More >>

Bubble Wrap’s New Design is Unpoppable and it’s All Our Fault

Our ruthless new era of super-efficient global shipping has made it irrelevant. Read More >>

monster machines
Here’s One Way to Reuse Old Oil Tankers: Turn Them Into Small Cities

Oil tankers are the skyscraper-sized neurons that power the global economy’s nervous system, so it’s not often that we imagine a future without them. But a group of architects is doing just that — and proposing a way to reuse them as infrastructure. Read More >>

This is the Future of Autonomous Shipping According to Rolls-Royce

Meet the oX. That's the name given to the concept that Rolls-Royce believes is the future of shipping, with autonomous ocean-going vessels becoming a reality by 2025. Read More >>

A Gadget’s Journey, From Inside the Mine to Under the Christmas Tree

Imagine you're in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Behind you is China, below you are thousands of tons of consumer goods destined for faraway ports, then shops, then maybe a spot beneath a Christmas tree. You are part of a vast economy that supplies the things we buy; a galaxy of cities, systems, and people that is largely unacknowledged and rarely seen. Unless you know where to look. Read More >>

monster machines
This is the World’s Biggest Cargo Ship

In order to keep up with the frenetic growth of global shipping traffic, which has quadrupled over the past two decades alone, commercial cargo ships keep getting bigger. And the newest king of the cargo ships isn't one of Maersk's EEE titans, it's the CSCL Globe. Read More >>

Ground-Based GPS Rival From WWII Comes Back Into Use

A backup form of local, ground-based GPS known as eLoran is being installed in some spots around the UK, hoping to keep some sort of shipping business continuing as usual should the satellite GPS systems get taken out by solar flares or North Korean laser satellites. Read More >>

A Map of Amazon’s Empire of Warehouses and Shipping Centres

Over the past decade Amazon has developed an incredible infrastructure of warehouses and fulfilment centres dedicated to delivering your toilet paper and books within hours. For customers, these spaces are invisible, rarely thought about or even seen. But a new map reveals exactly where they are—and how quickly they're springing up. Read More >>