Belfast’s Titanic Hotel Prepares for September Launch

The Titanic-ification of Belfast is set to reach new heights later this summer, with the opening of the Titanic Hotel in the Titanic Quarter of where they made the Titanic -- a luxury development based in the former offices of ship designer Harland & Wolff. Read More >>

Queen Elizabeth Prepares for War at Sea

Today's a momentous occasion in the history of British naval superiority, as we shall see the first of the nation's new aircraft carriers leave the dock for the first time. Read More >>

Chinese Titanic Won’t Hit Iceberg or Sink

The Chinese builders of a full size recreation of the Titanic have promised it won't hit an iceberg or sink, for two rather large reasons. Reason one is that it's to spend its entire life in a dock at a theme park so won't be anywhere near wild icebergs, and reason two is that a plan to fake an iceberg impact for the enjoyment of visitors has been cancelled due to being rather in poor taste. Read More >>

Norway’s Blasting A Ship Tunnel Through A Mile Of Rock To Save Sailors’ Lives

It was originally proposed in 1874, but after more than a hundred years of heated debate, a world-first ship tunnel is finally scheduled to be built through a mountain in Norway. Read More >>

Navy Warships Lose Big Guns in Cost-Cutting Exercise

The Navy's warships might soon only be able to offer advisory support in military hotspots around the world, as one of their key weapon systems is getting unbolted and popped into storage to save money. Read More >>

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How to Build an Aircraft Carrier 

Building a floating city also known as an aircraft carrier is really hard, because the numbers are virtually unfathomable. A basic aircraft carrier is made of 60,000 tonnes of steel, 4.5 acres of non-skid surface, and four 325-foot catapults. The whole thing weighs 90 million kilos and takes five years to build and—get this—costs $5 billion (£4 billion) at the very least. To call it a massive undertaking would be putting it lightly. Read More >>

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Photo Series Puts the Size of Random Huge Objects in Perspective

This wonderful photo series comparing the size of things by Kevin Wisbith is a really fun way to earn some brain wrinkles, because it gives you a better sense of the true size of random buildings, ships, machines, and other objects. You get to see things like the Death Star hover over Florida in space, a B-2 bomber stretch across the width of an entire American football field, and the Titanic sitting on top of an aircraft carrier. Read More >>

Theresa May Doesn’t Slap Down Stupid Post-Brexit Royal Yacht Idea

Since Britain voted to leave the European Union on June 23rd, there has been confusion, uncertainty, and dire predictions about what Brexit might mean for our country. What we need is reassurance that Britain isn't completely screwed. Read More >>

Mary Rose’s Horde Salvaged Again for the Internet Age

A new exhibit exposing finds pulled out of the sea when they dragged up the Mary Rose has been launched, and the good news is you don't have to leave home or feel pressured to make a donation – it's all online. Read More >>

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Watch Thousands of Tonnes of Cargo Spill Into the Sea During Monster Storm

Even a massive cargo ship can sometimes be no match for the massive storms brewing on the world’s oceans. But when you add hundreds of thousands of tonnes of cargo into the mix, the last place you want to find yourself is on deck when cargo starts spilling overboard. Read More >>

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Watch a Cruise Ship Get Built 

Cruise ships are basically giant floating cities. How do you build a giant floating city? Well, it’s pretty much like playing with Lego. Read More >>

Boaty McBoatface Will Actually Be Called RRS Sir David Attenborough

Democracy is a sham, if you’re naming a boat at least. Despite Boaty McBoatface winning a public vote as the name for a new polar research ship, the vessel will in fact be known as RRS Sir David Attenborough. Read More >>

China’s Planning to Build Floating Nuclear Power Stations

Finding a site to build a nuclear power plant isn’t straightforward—so why not send them out to sea? That’s what China is apparently planning to do. Read More >>

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Watch the Titanic Sink in Real Time

It’s not exactly the best pick-me-up, but if you were ever curious at just how inaccurate movies about the Titanic are, watch this animated simulation showing the infamous ocean liner sinking in real-time. You’ll just need to find a way to dodge work for two hours and forty minutes. Read More >>

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Giant Yacht Carrier Sinks Into the Water to Swallow Ships and Then Rises to Transport Them

This is fun. Watch as this yacht carrier, the Super Servant 4, lowers its deck into the water so that tiny yachts and normal yachts and super yachts can all float and steer themselves on the water into their water parking spaces. Read More >>