A Study Claims All the Cool Kids Say “Fuck” At the Office

You know what’s no surprise at all? A survey (nationally representative of the US) of 1,500 workers nationwide found that younger people—especially women—swear like sailors in the workplace. Read More >>

Creators of the Roomba Admit That it Smears Shit Around People’s Homes ‘a Lot’

Sometimes, life gets you down. Sometimes, an abhorrent person cuts ahead of you in the queue at the airport and you miss your flight. Sometimes, you bite into a mouldy peach. And sometimes, your Roomba smears pet shit all over your house. Read More >>

Marissa Mayer: You, Too, Can Work 130 Hours a Week If You Plan When to Take a Shit

According to Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, who was Google’s 20th employee and its first female engineer, the key to success at the search giant was hard work. Specifically, the kind of hard work that required strategically planned trips to the loo. Read More >>

Rowers Will Literally Paddle Through Shit at Rio Olympics

Imagine training every day of your life for one big moment, only to find that the moment will be marred by wading through shit-infested water. That’s exactly what members of the world's rowing team will feel when they head into the polluted waters of Rio de Janeiro at the 2016 Olympics. Teams will be competing in water that literally has fresh human waste dumped into it every single day. Read More >>

KFC Ice Found to Have Faeces Bacteria On It During Food Standards Investigation

The next time you visit the chicken shop -- if this hasn’t completely put you off, of course -- think twice about ordering a drink. A BBC investigation found faecal coliforms in the ice served at a KFC branch in Birmingham’s Martineau Place, and not just traces either. High levels of the stuff. Read More >>

Radiation Shielding, and Ten Other Uses for Poop

Poop has been around for as long as there have been animals to produce it. It's a constant, brown, smelly presence in all of our lives. But over the long stretch of history, humanity has come up with some brilliant and clever uses for it. Advance apologies for spoiling your lunch. Read More >>

Proven: The More Shit a Chimp Throws, the Smarter It Is

It turns out chimps at the zoo insist on repeatedly hurling their faeces at me because they're geniuses and not just because it's hilarious. Seriously. Scientists studied chimp throwing and developed the following axiom: The frequency and accuracy with which a chimpanzee throws objects—INCLUDING POOP—is directly correlated to its intelligence. It's good for society, too. Read More >>