8Chan is Back and Calling Itself 8kun Now

The anonymous forum 8Chan – a haven for far-right extremists, conspiracy theorists, and internet filth – came back online today after going dark in August due to its association with several mass shootings. Rebranded as 8kun (“kun” and “chan” are both honorific titles in Japanese for you non-weebs out there), the forum now has an important caveat to the no-holds-barred approach to free speech it previously touted, and it’s outlined in plain language on the site’s front page: Anything considered illegal in the United States will be removed. Read More >>

What We Know About YouTube Shooter Nasim Aghdam

On Tuesday, at approximately 12:46pm local time, multiple 911 calls were made from 901 Cherry Ave in San Bruno, California, the headquarters of YouTube. Police arrived, responding to an active shooter who we now know to be Nasim Najafi Aghdam, a 39-year-old from San Diego. Read More >>

Dutch Soldiers Shout “BANG” to Save Ammo

A lack of suitable ammo being experienced by the Dutch military is having a bizarre effect on the nation's training events, with soldiers apparently ordered to shout "bang" instead of shooting guns due to a shortage of live ammunition. Read More >>

Armed Police Descend on Pub Because of… Walking Stick

The Cock and Donkey pub in the Wirral was the scene of an armed stand off earlier in the week, after a man's walking stick was wrongly identified and reported as a gun, causing armed police to cordon off the road. But it wasn't a gun. It was a walking stick. How many pints had everyone had? [BBC] Read More >>

Secret Underground Westminster Gun Club to Close

There's a semi-secret underground shooting range beneath the Palace of Westminster, where MPs can go to rent out a .22 calibre rifle and have fun imagining they're back home on the estate merrily gunning for pheasant. Sadly for them, it's about to close. Read More >>

The DIY Dental Floss Crossbow From Beyond Airport Security

"Hey, I could probably build some pretty interesting weapons with this stuff," is the type of dangerous thought Evan Booth thinks to himself while wandering around airport shops, which has resulted in this -- a crossbow built from umbrellas, straws and dental floss bought on the secure side of the gate. Read More >>

Red Cross Says Video Game Killers Should Stick to the Rules of War

The Red Cross has suggested that developers ought to rethink their Call of the Warfield video game shooter franchises, claiming it would be better and more respectful for everyone if games followed the actual conventions observed in combat. So no gunning down villages just because you can. Read More >>

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What Guns Look Like Point Blank

This is what it looks like when a gun is pointing at you. It's a terrifying view that I hope nobody ever has to see. With photographs captured by Peter Andrew, Simon Duffy and Derek Blais, the ongoing photo series Point Blank shows what different types of guns — Glocks, Desert Eagles, Uzis, etc. — look like up close. It's an interesting angle because some look like harmless flashlights while others leave no doubt about its killing ability. Read More >>

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3D Printed Gun on a Train Poses “International Security Risk” Says Daily Mail

While some experts claim the plastic "gun" is about as effective a weapon as holding a bullet in your hand with a pair of pliers and hitting it with a pin, it hasn't stopped some from panicking about the possible mass proliferation of plastic weaponry. Read More >>

The Reason Why Gangsters Shoot Their Guns Sideways

A former Marine Corps marksmanship instructor has an interesting theory on why gangsters (in the movies or maybe even in real life) decide to shoot their guns sideways: it's actually a good idea in theory to quickly aim a firearm. Read More >>

Things That Go Bang: The Olympics and Shooting

One of the less-popular Olympic sports that will grace our TVs (admittedly, probably in the darkest corners of the red button) is...shooting. Following in the Olympic tradition of stuff like javelin, shooting’s been around in the modern Olympics since the beginning. What’s the history behind the weapons though, and how far off modern military shooting is the current-day Olympics version of it? Read on to find out… Read More >>

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Watch This: Grandma Blows Bullets Clear Through MacBook and iPhones

This completely ridiculous video of an elderly lady shooting a loaded rifle at a hoard of pristine Apple gadgets will make you feel many emotions: confused, horrified, skeptical, surprised, amused, etc. Read More >>

Bleeding Zombie Target Dummies: Essential Apocalypse Preparedness

Shooting paper targets will improve your aim, but they don't quite capture the experience of emptying a shotgun into a zombie's chest. Not like these lifelike—or should I say undeadlike—zombie targets that bleed like real flesh. Read More >>

You Can Shoot Up the World in Google Maps Street View

I usually love me some FPS games, but there's something off putting about fake shooting up the real world in Google Maps Street View with an assault rifle. Try it out yourself, put a location in Pool Worldwide and start shooting fake real people and things in Google Maps. Is it weird for you? Read More >>