UK Government Suggests “Running Away” from Terrorists

The UK has a National Counter Terrorism Security Office, don't you know. It's sprung into life this week, as you might expect, issuing new guidelines of what we should in the case of a terrorist attack. In short, RUN. Read More >>

Pokemon Players Planned Mass Murder at Gaming World Championships

The Pokemon World Championships in Boston nearly ended in yet another US mass murder, it seems, after police intervened and discovered a car boot loaded with guns and ammo being taken in by two attendees. Read More >>

107-Year-Old Man Dies… in Police Shootout

Monroe Isadore, from Arkansas in the US, managed to live to the impressive old age of 107, only to end it all after going berserk at police and getting himself shot. Read More >>

Scottish Man Blows Own Brain Out in Alleged Russian Roulette Accident

Alan McWilliams, a 41-year-old dad of three, is believed to have died after a game of Russian roulette served him up with the bad, unlucky ending. Read More >>