The Best Christmas Film of All Time is Being Turned Into a Must-Have Children’s Book

It’s unfortunate that Die Hard, the best Christmas movie of all time, isn’t really a film you can watch with your kids. But this year, instead of suffering through Elf once again, you can spend some quality time with your PG-rated family members by reading a new holiday children’s book based on the adventures of John McClane. Read More >>

This 7,541-Piece Millennium Falcon Is the Largest, Most Desirable Lego Set Ever Created

In July of 2007, Lego released the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon set which, at 5,195 pieces, was the largest set the toymaker had ever released. Ten years later, the Falcon is getting a massive update and facelift, with an additional 2,346 pieces, and an even heftier £650 price tag. And good lord, is it beautiful. Read More >>

Sony Abandons the PSP Store This Month

One of the many online portals and subdomains and shopping services operated by Sony is about to close, with the company preparing to transition PSP users away from their own little corner of the internet back to the wider PlayStation Store. Read More >>

Amazon’s Shop of the Future Was Outlined in 2006

Amazon recently filed an interesting patent that describes a system that lets shoppers bag what they want and walk out without paying, using complicated things like computers and maps to know it was you and that you need billing for it all at some point. Read More >>

Shop Charges $5 Entry Fee to Avert “Showrooming” Browser Scum

One Australian shop owner has had enough of people poking around her stuff before rudely running off home to order it cheaper on the internet, and is now charging people a $5 browsing fee to enter the shop. Read More >>

Google Offloading Some Complete Tat in its Play Store Birthday Sale

To celebrate its Google Play rebrand taking place one year ago, Google has launched a rather half-hearted sale across its app, music, book and film portal. Celebrate it being a Wednesday by giving Google some money, seems to be the rough idea of it. Read More >>

Microsoft Refusing to Sell 18-Rated Games on Windows 8 Marketplace

Microsoft has got itself into a bit of a pickle regarding the direct selling of digital games through its Windows 8 Marketplace, with the result being that no 18-rated titles will be available to buy through its PC store in the UK. Read More >>

Caption This: Bootleg Chinese Apple Store is a Bit, Er, Naughty

Over in China, a very strange knock-off Apple store has emblazoned our esteemed logos doing the, um, nasty as the logo for the shop. Not the most conventional way to brand your shop, but each to their own. Either way, I throw this over to you, our esteemed readers, to give us a caption. We might throw you a brownie or an e-hug for the best one. [MicGadget, Thanks, Darrell!] Read More >>

HMV Saved By Music and Film Industry

It looks like HMV might survive as the only UK high street media retailer left standing. It’s struck a deal with suppliers including Universal Music, to effectively share the burden by getting the suppliers to shoulder the risk for stock; a bit like a jeweller does. Read More >>