12 Advent Calendars Featuring Something Other Than Chocolate

Christmas is coming, but before then we have another big event to look forward to. Not Black Friday, though we can all appreciate some money-saving bargains, I'm actually talking about Advent. You know the holiday that nobody except the most devout Christians would know about if it didn't involve cardboard boxes full of cheap chocolate pieces. But, chocolate advent calendars are pretty boring, especially when you're an adult. The chocolate is rubbish, and the pieces are so small you can't really appreciate them one square at a time. Read More >>

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Higher, Further, Faster: Essential Comics and Gifts for all Captain Marvel Fans

After the success of Captain Marvel it was guaranteed to get a sequel, and one was tentatively announced at San Diego Comic Con last weekend. With that in mind, and the fact the film has just arrived on physical media, it's the right time to get some shopping done. Shopping for Captain Marvel merch, and comics to help you prep for whatever the MCU might have in store for the space-faring hero in her next solo outing. Here are our top picks: Read More >>

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Spider-Man: Far From Home: Essential Reading and Gifts

It seems like only yesterday that Avengers: Endgame hit cinemas, and now we already have another Marvel movie incoming. Spider-Man: Far From Home hits cinemas on 2nd July, tying up the third phase of the MCU and leaving us in the dark about what's coming over the next couple of years. But hey, the buzz around the film is already very positive, which is exactly what you need after a film as great as Endgame was. Read More >>

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The Best Educational Tech Toys for Kids and Teens

Everyone wants their kid to be a genius, but not everyone puts the work in. You're clearly not one of those people, since you've opened this article and are willing to equip your offspring with the tools they need for a bright future in STEM. Read More >>

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The Best Fathers’ Day Gifts for Geeky Dads

Us geeky types often have our parents to thank for getting us into cool stuff when we were little, and it's fun to pay that back with delightfully nerdy presents when the opportunity arises. Read More >>

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The Best Cases for the OnePlus 7 Pro

You've just bought the OnePlus 7 Pro (hopefully from one of our excellent deals) and you've already tried lifting a dog with the selfie camera. Now what? Time to protect your investment, that's what. Read More >>

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10 of the Best Card Games for Adults

It's your turn to host games night, and you've already exhausted our entire list of the best party videogames. Time for something a little more analogue, a little more old-school, and in some cases, a lot more obscene. Read More >>

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15 Star Wars Goodies You Need This May the Fourth

Star Wars Day has become an annual tradition on May the fourth, and thanks to capitalism, every annual tradition is now a shopping event. Which means your humble droids at Giz UK have had the arduous task of shopping for hours on end to find you all the coolest, weirdest and most unique Star Wars stuff on the planet. Read More >>

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The Best VPNs to Reach Around the UK’s Incoming Porn Block

The UK's age verification checks for porn are officially happening on the 15th of July, which means you'll need to sign up to one of the multiple types of age checks to prove you're over 18 with documents and whatnot -- or potentially go down to the corner shop and buy a porn pass. Read More >>

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The 10 Best Party Videogames of All Time

We're guessing you're here because you're planning a party, in which case happy birthday, merry Christmas or just congratulations on having friends (delete as appropriate). Read More >>

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The Best Indoor Cameras for Smart Home Monitoring

Keeping an eye on your home is a very wise move. Whether you're checking the kids got home OK, making sure your pets aren't running riot or just keeping a watch out for break-ins, a home monitoring camera is a handy thing to have set up. Read More >>

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All the Best Vape Pens for Beginners in the UK (2019)

We're not entirely sure how vapes, or e-cigarettes, became part of the tech genre, but apparently they are -- as evidenced by all the invites we get to vape launches at fancy locations on Big Tobacco money. Read More >>

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The Best Christmas Gifts for Trekkies, Trekkers, and All Other Star Trek Fans

We've been waiting a while for Star trek: Discovery to drop its second season, along with all the Enteprisey guest stars, for a while now, but the time has nearly arrived. With that in mind, and with Christmas on the way, there is no better than than now to buy yourself a truck-load of Final Frontier-themed goodies. From Blu-ray and DVD boxsets to Batleths, lets take a look. Read More >>

The Best Lego Sets We Got in 2017

The year is coming to a close and everyone seems to be looking back at the state of things after the past 12 months. Rather than bore you with things like politics, Brexit negotiations, the price of smartphones, or the fact that everything is awful, we're looking at something good and wholesome. Lego. Read More >>

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The Best Gadgets and Gear for Students New and Old

September is close to ending, which means the students have started heading back to University to drink their way through an education. Whether you're a first timer, or going in for repeated years, there are things you can buy to make your life a lot easier. Here are some of the technological marvels that can make your three-four years more comfortable. Read More >>