It’s Fun to Go to Shops

You remember the feeling. Maybe it’s been a while, but you know what it’s like to walk into a climate-controlled space (that often smells good, too), find a nice item on a shelf, hold it in your hands, hand a clerk a few quid, and walk out the door with that new thing in a bag. We don’t do that enough any more, and that’s a shame, because you know what? It’s fun to go to shops. Read More >>

Advertising Standards Has Ruled Amazon Prime’s “Guaranteed Next Day Delivery” Claims are Misleading

Well this is a serious blow for Amazon. After years of declaring that thousands of products have "guaranteed next delivery" for Amazon Prime members, the Advertising Standards Authority has decided it's had enough. It's expected to vote that these claims are misleading, which would effectively ban the retailer from saying Prime members get "unlimited one day delivery". Read More >>

China’s Not Sending Over Enough Fans

The hot weather has brought good and bad news for the UK's electrical retailers. The good news is that sales of fans have rocketed as people turn to legacy, non-smart gadgetry to solve this summer's hot bedroom crisis. The bad news is that shops are now running out of fans because it won't stop being hot and we expect technology to solve everything. Read More >>

star wars
Every True Star Wars Fan Needs Their Own Pair of Han Solo’s Gold Dice

The presence of Han's golden dice is one of those smaller details from the original Star Wars that nobody really noticed until the release of The Force Awakens. They kind of vanished in Empire and Jedi, , only to return 30 years later and play a key role in both The Last Jedi and Solo. Now, if you're quick about it, you'll be able to own a pair for yourself. Officially licensed by Lucasfilm and everything. Read More >>

These Slightly Wrong T-Shirts Will Enrage Your Nerdy Friends

An online shop called slightlywrong will finally let you strike back at over-zealous fans who have annoyingly dedicated their lives to correcting misquotes. The store sells a small collection of pop culture-inspired t-shirts that are sooo close to being accurate – but wrong enough to enrage nerdy pedants. Read More >>

Amazon Dash Replenishment Means Your Devices Do Your Shopping For You

Amazon's been trying to make it easier for people to hand over their money for a while now, especially with the things they order on a regular basis. Dash buttons let you order things by pressing a button, but Dash Replenishment is going to make it absolutely effortless. And that's not hyperbole, because your devices will be able to order new things without any input from you. Read More >>

Rumour Has it Tesco is Going After Lidl and Aldi With its Own Discount Stores

Tesco is one of the biggest companies in the UK, and you can tell because there are Tescos everywhere - be they Express, Metro, Regular or Extra. If rumours are to be believed, though, there may be a fifth kind of Tesco hitting the streets. A discount version designed to compete with the likes of Aldi and Lidl. Read More >>

Morrisons Introduces ‘Quieter Hour’ For a Calmer Shopping Experience

Supermarket Morrisons has announced that it will be rolling out a nationwide weekly 'Quieter Hour' to 493 of its stores. The Quieter Hour is intended to benefit customers with autism and those who are affected by sensory stimulation. Read More >>

Surprise, Surprise: Amazon Prime Day Was Amazon UK’s Busiest Shopping Day of the Year

Earlier this week was Amazon's biggest ever Prime Day – a 36-hour extravaganza where the online retail giant rolled out discounts on thousands of items. It comes as no surprise to learn that this year's Prime Day was Amazon's busiest day of the year so far, with millions of items being sold. Read More >>

CollectPlus is Making it Easier to Return Your Online Shopping Without a Printer

When it comes to returning items you bought online, for whatever reason, there are a lot of different options available - which is convenient. CollectPlus is one of the services that makes it as easy as taking your return to the local corner shop, though the downside is that you need to print off a bunch of stuff before you get there. Not anymore, though, because the company wants tomake life easier for people who don't own printers. Read More >>

Forget Prime Day, eBay is Giving Buyers 20% Off 20 Brands

For the rest of today and tomorrow Amazon is offering discounts on a bunch of things that you may or may not have an interest in. The thing about Prime Day is that all the discounts have been decided for you ahead of time, so if there's nothing you want there's nothing to buy. eBay has something else, and for most of this week is offering customers 20 per cent off their order - provided they order from the right brand. Read More >>

prime day
Amazon Prime Day: All The Best UK Tech Deals

Amazon Prime Day is upon us! You know, the day of the year where Amazon cuts the price of tonnes of its stock, and we all end up spending far more money than we should on stuff that we don't really need. Read More >>

Here are Some of the Deals You Can Expect to See on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is set to begin in just over 72 hours time, and while it may not be a real holiday it's worth looking forward to just to see what sort of discounts will be available. Probably nothing you desperately need, only things you might sort of want but could easily live without. The whole point is that the discounts are supposed to make you want to buy more, after all. Read More >>

Classic “Shopping Basket” Will Soon Include the Junk We Buy Online

The way the suits count how the prices of things are going up is about to change, with our online boredom shopping soon to form part of the standard UK shopping basket that makes up retail inflation figures. Read More >>

Prepare Your Wallets: Amazon Confirms Prime Day Begins on July 16th

Amazon Prime comes with all sorts of perks and goodies to try and make your £79 a year subscription fee some worthwhile, but really it's just a tactic to try and trick you into spending more money. That's especially true of Amazon Prime Day, a special holiday specifically designed to get people onto Amazon spending money, thanks to the promise of money off various goods. Leaks claimed Prime Day was arriving on 16th July, and that's just been confirmed by Amazon. Read More >>