The Argos Catalogue is No More

2020 has claimed another beloved victim: the Laminated Book of Dreams, aka the Argos catalogue. Read More >>

Amazon Continues Sending Unwanted Rubber Ducks to Confused Durham Man

A 76-year-old man would appear to be the butt of the joke of a niche online community that gets off on bewildering the elderly, as randoms are using Amazon's shopping system to send him unsolicited items; including nine individual £2.79 bath safety temperature checking rubber ducks. Read More >>

Walmart Puts All of Asda up for Sale

US shopping giant Walmart is once again trying to sell some or all of its stake in UK supermarket chain Asda, and has told its suits department to begin soliciting buyout offers afresh. Read More >>

Twice As Many People Lured into Avon & Other MLMs in Lockdown

Avon, the acceptable face of multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, acquired more than twice its usual number of suckers sellers during the lockdown period. Read More >>

Councils Want to Ban Smoking Outside English Pubs and Cafes

For smokers, the indoor smoking ban must be a bit of a pain because it means dragging yourself outside to light one up. For non-smokers, it's all been pretty great because you can actually go to pubs, restaurants, and other places like it without having to deal with a never-ending cloud of smoke inside. But English councils have decided this isn't good enough, and want smoking to be banned from outside these establishments - all, they say, to help the high street recover from lockdown. Read More >>

Amazon’s Next Big Bet on Cashless Shopping Is a Smart Trolley

Amazon opened its first cashless Go convenience store in 2018 before following that up with its first full-size cashless grocery store earlier this year. But for its next attempt to revolutionise brick-and-mortar shopping, Amazon is betting on a smart shopping trolley. Read More >>

The Best Tech Deals in Amazon’s Summer Sale

There's no Prime Day this year, not yet anyway, but Amazon is never one to shy away from a sales opportunity. It's summer, after all, and so today is the day Amazon's summer sale kicks off. There plenty of deals to be had on a variety of stuff you probably don't need, but hey money off is money off. Read More >>

Currys Has Kicked Off a ‘Biggest Ever’ Clearance Sale

COVID has done a number on retail businesses, hasn't it? When the shops were closed all the stock was sitting around doing nothing, and even the online dealers had to cope with the fact loads of people didn't have the money to flit it all away on a new vacuum cleaner. But shops are open now, and we're being told spending all our money is the patriotic thing to do. So to help you out, shift some stock, and maybe save you a few quid, Currys PC World is doing a clearance sale. Read More >>

Surprise, Surprise, People Have Been Causing Huge Queues for Primark

Today is the day that all the non-essential shops are allowed to re-open, and most of the big names have already confirmed that they will be letting people inside to buy products. With restrictions, of course, but they're allowed in nonetheless. As was the case with fast food and Ikea, people have responded to this news by queuing up outside Primark for several hours. Read More >>

English Apple Stores are Reopening on 15th June

Announcements about when retailers are going to reopen following the coronavirus lockdown have been slowly trickling in as Boris Johnson makes announcements about what is and isn't okay. Now, though, it's fair to say that any shops that haven't reopened will be open again on Monday - and Apple is the latest to confirm that. Read More >>

Currys is Opening 131 Shops as ‘Tech Help Hubs’ on 15th June

15th June is when a lot of stuff is going to reopen, and while the day feels a bit like it's some way off, it's actually just three days from now. The latest big company to announce its shops are reopening is Currys PC World, which is reopening 131 of its shops as 'Tech Help Hubs' from Monday. Read More >>

CeX Employees Are Worried About Lax Reopening Protocols

One of the UK's biggest gaming retailers reopens next week, but staff are concerned about the company's approach to social distancing. According to a report from Eurogamer, CEX employees were hoping the company would follow GAME in quarantining stock, but this does not appear to be the case. Read More >>

Three is Opening Up 250 High Street Shops on 15th June

Slowly but surely the shops of the high street are coming out of their lockdown-induced hibernation to start selling stuff to the people who haven't fully made the transition to online shopping. Three, the mobile network, not the number, is reopening too, with 250 branches opening their doors on 15th June. Read More >>

Popularity of Online Food Shopping Doubles Year-on-Year

Coronavirus lockdown has helped internet food shopping hit new highs, with online supermarket grocery sales for the four week period ending May 16 very nearly doubling to take 13 per cent of all our shopping spend; up from the same period of last year's seven per cent. Read More >>

John Lewis to Kick off Phased Reopening With 13 Stores Next Month

John Lewis is tentatively opening its doors next month along with other non-essential shops that have been given the greenlight to reopen with the appropriate social distancing measures in place. Read More >>