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12 Great Stocking Fillers to Buy Your Favourite Geek This Christmas

Not enough people do stockings when they've grown up. Which is a shame because there's nothing as deeply thrilling as a lumpy woolly sock on the end of your bed, and that doesn't go away just because you're 30 and have a mortgage (j/k, you're 33 and have housemates and eat cereal for dinner. Just me? OK). Read More >>

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The 12 Christmas Jumpers You Need This Year

One of the best things about Christmas is choosing a new ridiculous jumper to show off at the office, the pub, or on Instagram. We've picked 12 of this year's best festive offerings, with plenty of time to order them before they all sell out. Read More >>

These Are The Amazon Christmas Cut-Off Dates For 2018

If you're going to be doing a lot of your Christmas shopping on Amazon, here's when you'll need to get those orders in by to make sure everything arrives in time. Read More >>

Amazon Just Knocked £20 off the New Kindle Paperwhite

October saw Amazon release a brand new Kindle Paperwhite, and it's a delightful device according to our official review. While some people might feel sceptical of buying a dedicated device for ebooks, Amazon would very much like it if you bought one anyway. To that end it's knocked off £20 to try and entice naysayers, even though the device has barely been out two months. Read More >>

EE Reveals Its Christmas Deals

We've only just come out the other side of Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Endless Deals November, but apparently now Christmas deals are a thing, and EE's got some to announce. Read More >>

The Latest Lego Modular Building Is A Corner Garage

Every year, Lego releases a new addition to its Modular Buildings series, a range designed for older fans of the building blocks. We've just had word of 2019's new modular building, and it's rather lovely. Read More >>

Enforced Hugs Are Bad For Business, Finds Ted Baker

Retail chain Ted Baker's shares have fallen to a three-year low after accusations of enforced hugging by founder Ray Kelvin went public last week. Read More >>

30% of Us Have Been Tricked By Fake Kodi Boxes and Electricals

A new report from Electrical Safety First and the elaborately-named PIPCU (the City of London Police’s Intellectual Property Crime Unit) says that almost a third of us have been tricked by fake electricals including phone chargers, hair stylers and the notorious 'Kodi boxes', putting us at risk of fires and electric shocks. Read More >>

VW is Going to Help Install 2,500 EV Chargers in Tesco Car Parks

It's 2018, electric cars are a thing, and they're affordable. But some people don't like that the charging points aren't as common as the common petrol station. Especially since it take more than five minutes to re-energise the car. But plenty of work has been done to improve the state of car-charging infrastructure, even if none of it seems to have affected Jeremy Clarkson, and the latest move will see 2,500 of the things hit Tesco car parks up and down the country. Read More >>

11 Advent Calendars Featuring Something Better Than Chocolate

Chocolate in an advent calendar? Pah! How uncool are you? Nah mate, daily chocolate on the run up to Christmas is so 2016. It's all about the gin now. Or the beer. Or the candles. Or the pens. Or the Lego. Read More >>

Lego’s Christmas Countdown Offers Kick Off Today With 20% Off Technic Sets

Between today and Christmas Eve, the Lego shop is running a series of exclusive Christmas countdown offers both in-store and online. Exactly what those offers will be over the course of December we don't know, but it has kicked off today by offering 20 per cent off all Technic sets. Read More >>

Amazon’s Giving Non-Prime Members Free Delivery Until Next Week

The annual pre-Christmas shopping season is over, but now it seems Amazon would like to try and get you to keep buying stuff. It's just kicked off 'Free Delivery Week' for all non-Prime members, letting them take advantage of (you guessed it) free delivery. Read More >>

These Are The Worst Washing Lines In The UK

Housewares company Addis has apparently been busy scouring the UK for the worst washing line they could find. As you do. Read More >>

Lego Knocks 30% Off Two More Sets For Cyber Monday

Today's the last deal of Lego's Black Friday/Cyber Monday shenanigans, and it's added a couple of bonus daily deals to try and last-minute tempt us. Read More >>

Posh People Are Going to Lidl for Christmas and it’s Not Even Ironic

The UK's shopping scene may be changing faster than anyone could imagine, with the discount retailers like Lidl and Aldi winning over the smart tote bags of the previously loyal M&S and Waitrose customers -- even at Christmas, the most aspirational of ham-purchasing times. Read More >>