Smaller Ikea Metro/Local Outlets are Coming to the High Street

Ikea is planning to invade the high streets of the UK with a network of smaller branches, where users will be able to select from a slightly limited range of furniture and won't have the fun of controlling a massive trolley in places where it looks like members of the public shouldn't be allowed. Read More >>

Amazon Accused of Profiting From the Sale of Nazi Material

Amazon's open door Marketplace, where anyone can sign up to sell anything and it comes with the vague assurances that Amazon is behind it all, is being abused by racists, wouldn't you know? The non-shock news comes via the US-based Action Center on Race and the Economy, which has found a grim list of Nazi merchandise and general racist material up for sale to fund the activities and bumper stickers of the hate-spreaders. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Tests Slow Lane for a Less Stressed Checkout Experience

Sainsbury's is trialling a clever idea that might turn shopping into less of a nightmare for people who find the whole experience troubling, with what it calls a Relaxed Lane for slower shoppers currently being tested at the company's Prestwick branch. Read More >>

Waitrose Offers the Bored Posh Diner an Ostrich Egg for £20

If you want something different, are not in a hurry to eat, and don't mind spending £19.99 on one egg, best get to Waitrose. It's ostrich egg season. Read More >>

Homebase Sold to HMV’s Salvager for £1

Homebase might be the next margins-of-town retailer to go down the closures and fire sale route, as the entire business has been sold to a new owner. For £1. Which sounds like a bargain, until you realise that Homebase currently loses around £20m a month. Something Will Need To Be Done. Read More >>

“Plastic Free” Stamp Coming to UK Supermarkets

You'll soon be able to buy a box of eggs and be 100 per cent certain that each egg isn't individually wrapped in plastic film inside, as a new "Plastic Free" packaging stamp is about to appear on the UK high street. Read More >>

People Believing the Internet Visit Unopened Ikea

The Exeter branch of Ikea isn't open yet, but that hasn't stopped people from turning up anyway. That's what happens when you rely on your phone and your mobile data connection to tell you everything. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Tests Delivery by Mini Fleet of Electric Bikes

Supermarket chain Sainsbury's has invented a new category of home delivery – the home delivery by electric cargo bike, for people who can restrain themselves to only ordering slightly less than 125kg of shopping and live within three miles of a branch. Read More >>

Selfridges Self-Bans Plastic Fizzy Drink Bottles

Posh shop Selfridges has taken the matter of ocean floor littering and food chain plasticising into its own hands, and has launched its own, bespoke, because-it-wants-to ban on the sale of fizzy drinks in plastic bottles. Read More >>

Maplin Teetering on Brink of Administration

Electronics chain Maplin could be the next former giant of high street retail to disappear and see its presence replaced by charity shops and Caffe Neros, as the money men currently in charge are said to be planning for a possible pre-pack administration to fend off total annihilation. Read More >>

Toys R Us UK Adds Itself to Fire Sale Listings

The entire UK division of Toys R Us is up for sale, as the US owner tries to escape some of its debt crisis by flogging off assets. Read More >>

Tesco Wants its Staff to Start Eating Leftover Food

Tesco's had an idea about what to do with the spare food that it can't even give away to food charities — get its workers to eat it all. Read More >>

Supermarkets Back Plastic Bottle Deposit Scheme

Greenpeace has been troubling the UK supermarkets for their opinions on whether or not a Scottish/English/Welsh or UK-wide plastic bottle scheme would have their support, and a couple of them committed to the idea with an unequivocal yes. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Tests Shopper Honesty With DIY Checkout App

Sainsbury's is combining the two things we love -- looking at mobile phones and buying doughnuts -- into one convenient product. It's testing an app that lets shoppers pay for their goods entirely by smartphone, skipping the hellish world of the supermarket checkout system altogether. Read More >>

Costcutter Trials Vein-Reading Biometric Payment System

You might soon be able to pay by scanning some sort of veiny part of your body in at the supermarket till, with a trial backed by supermarket chain Costcutter using a bizarre gadget known as Fingopay to scan the veins of a... finger. Other body parts TBA. Read More >>