Costcutter Trials Vein-Reading Biometric Payment System

You might soon be able to pay by scanning some sort of veiny part of your body in at the supermarket till, with a trial backed by supermarket chain Costcutter using a bizarre gadget known as Fingopay to scan the veins of a... finger. Other body parts TBA. Read More >>

John Lewis Launches In-Store Sleepovers to Test the Beds

If you're in the place in life where you shop at John Lewis -- congratulations. The process is about to get a lot easier too, as the chain has launched a series of in-store apartments where you can literally live the John Lewis dream. Read More >>

Paying 10p For a Posh Carrier Bag Revulses Tesco Customers into Change

Tesco is about to bin the cheap 5p plastic bag option it currently offers, meaning only the posher, thicker, Bag for Life choice will remain for people who didn't bring a big enough rucksack for their crisps and cheese. Read More >>

Supermarkets Test Surge-Pricing Crisps at Lunchtime via Electronic Price Tags

Some of the UK's biggest supermarkets are considering introducing fluctuating prices throughout the day, as the grocers look to the likes of Uber for ways they can manage demand at peak times and adjust prices accordingly. Read More >>

People are Having Fun in Their Old Clothes

Spending statistics that watch what we spend our meagre casual salaries on appear to show a shift in the very fabric of modern consumerism, with the people moving away from buying clothes and gadgetry nonsense in favour of spending money on "experiences" with friends and family. Read More >>

Ebooks Down, Book-Book Sales Up

Sales of electronic versions of books for ereaders, tablets and besieged smartphones have fallen for the first time in years, with publishing experts blaming the nation's overwhelming number of screens for a huge 17 per cent drop in consumer ebook sales. Read More >>

Woolworths Could Return to the UK High Street

Woolworths, which still exists in the high streets of other countries but was so broke here that it closed and sold off all its fixtures and fittings in the UK in 2008, might be about to return to the fatherland. Its former boss is looking to buy the brand name back and use it to launch a fresh attack on the UK's budget retail market. Read More >>

Clothes Shops Out, Vaping Dens In

Stats on the state of the UK high street show that it's gradually changing from being all about New Look to instead being where you go to buy vape refills and coffee, with the 5,430 nationwide shop closures of 2016 replaced by 4,534 newer businesses -- a loss of 896 shops across the country. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Experiment Tries to Wean us Off Meat

A team of researchers from Oxford University is heading off to Sainsbury's to do more than hunt for discounted doughnuts late at night -- they want to change the eating habits of the nation by putting vegetables next to the sausages in the hope that people might choose the healthier option every once in a while. Read More >>

Amazon Prime Now Delivers to (a Bit of) Scotland

Amazon Prime members in Glasgow are the latest beneficiaries of the shopping giant's superfast delivery service, with Prime Now one-hour service slots now available across the city. Read More >>

Tech That’s Now More Expensive Post-Brexit Vote

Phone maker OnePlus grabbed the headlines earlier this week when it announced a shocking price increase for its brand new OnePlus 3 model -- from £309 to £329 -- and blamed the Brexit result and subsequent plunging value of the pound on international currency markets for the increase. If only the Remain campaign had said nice new telephones might cost more. Read More >>

Asda Branch Introduces “Quiet Hour” to Benefit Autistic Shoppers

A branch of Asda Living in Cheetham Hill, Manchester, is introducing a period of quiet time next month, to make the hell that is any kind of shopping more bearable to autistic shoppers and the families of autistic kids. Read More >>

Official Morrissey Shopping Experience Comes to London’s Battersea Dog’s Home

The famed lyricist, novelist and miserablist is opening a physical shop in London to coincide with a couple of gigs he's playing next week, with the Battersea Dog's Home set to feature a real-world pop-up version of Morrissey's online Mporium merchandise portal. Read More >>

Supermarkets Accused of Ripping Us Off With Exaggerated Savings and Baffling Offers

Consumer group Which? has launched a renewed attack on the UK supermarkets, saying their confusing blend of offers, misleading product discounts and ever-changing prices are designed to baffle buyers and trick us into spending more. Read More >>

Amazon’s Shop of the Future Was Outlined in 2006

Amazon recently filed an interesting patent that describes a system that lets shoppers bag what they want and walk out without paying, using complicated things like computers and maps to know it was you and that you need billing for it all at some point. Read More >>