Watching Foods Deflate and Re-Inflate Has Left Me Starving and Confused

Mike Pelletier’s short film Still Life looks nothing like the classical paintings of bowls of fruit and flowers you’ll find in a stuffy art gallery. Using hyper-realistic computer animation, Pelletier’s film instead features fruits, vegetables, and breads that look like they’re secretly balloons as they deflate and then fill back up with air. Read More >>

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This Is How Lame You Look Trying to Be Cool Online

With the rise of online communities such as YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, a whole group of viewers are literally trying to emulate their favourite denizens of Team Internet. You might even know someone like that, the guy who constantly has his phone out, shooting video for his vlog (that very few people watch), and spending ridiculous amounts of time trying to capture the perfect humorous Instagram meme. Read More >>

Try to Watch This Maddening Animation Without Getting Incredibly Frustrated

If you haven’t already learned that life is just a bunch of disappointments, this maddening animation by Mainframe will teach you that you don’t always get what you want. What you expect to happen in each of these vignettes never does, leaving you feeling empty, unfulfilled, and probably a little confused. [Vimeo via Likecool] Read More >>

Stunning Supernova Footage isn’t What it Seems

Instead of sticking his camera’s lens in the eyepiece of a powerful telescope peering into the heavens, filmmaker Thomas Vanz captured this stunning footage of a giant star going all supernova by actually pointing his camera at a glass aquarium filled with colorful inks and water. Read More >>

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Voyager Space Probe Lands Back on Earth, But Only One Person Is Left to Hear Its Message

After meeting with misadventure, a space probe from the Voyager mission crashes back to Earth, centuries after it left. But Earth is a very different place now, and there’s only one person around to witness the Golden Record’s message. Read More >>

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What Happens When Plastic Toys Go to War

This wonderfully made animation plays up war as something that's actually fun. There are guns that shoot out flowers and grenades that are actually caramel apple lollipops. But because war is actually a horrific thing, the short film takes a dark turn. If only it were always flowers and lollipops. Read More >>

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This Brilliant Coming-of-Age Space Opera Will Leave You Breathless

For some, the path to adulthood is gradual and fluid, as if maturity could somehow seep into one's pores like steam from a warm bath. For others, the yolk of real responsibility is thrust suddenly and heavily upon their shoulders, though neither have a say in which path to maturity they will take. Read More >>

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Robots, Humans, and Animations Dance in This Mesmerising Performance

Combine robots, 3D graphics, and actors and what do you get? Box, an amazing performance by San Francisco-based engineering firm Bot & Dolly. It's a short film that explores how the digital world interacts with the real world. Read More >>

Biting Elbows
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This is What Kick-Arse Spy Action Would Look Like Through Google Glass

I'm not quite sure what's happening here, just a load of people getting shot, kicked, and bludgeoned to death. Oh, and lots and lots of totally badass first-person stunts. If you kitted out James Bond or Jason Bourne with Google Glass, this is probably what it would look like. [Ilya Naishuller via Kotaku] Read More >>

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Watch This Gorgeous Short Film Shot From an Aeroplane Window

We've all seen some amazing scenes while looking out the window on long flights. Filmmaker Tim Sessler has! And rather than popping another Ambien and dozing off on his flight from San Francisco to Salt Lake City to Philadelphia, he decided to capture some footage and go to town. Read More >>

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There Need to Be More Miniature Police Chase Created With Pico Projectors

Modern day chase scenes in movies are cacophonies of over-blown CG ridiculousness. This short film creates a classic action movie feel using a very unassuming gadget. Read More >>

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Let’s Give Plywood the Respect It Deserves

Mundane but essential materials like plywood rarely get the recognition they deserve. Why shouldn't something so ubiquitous and just damn useful get its own short film? Read More >>