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Concept Art Comes to Life in Sleek Sci-Fi Animation Migrants

High above Mars, the terraformers of short film Migrants go through a well-polished routine, knowing that they’re not preparing for their own futures on the planet, but for children in the generations to come. Read More >>

In This Sci-Fi Short Film, a Man Uncovers a Powerful Secret Inside a Bank Vault

As we saw in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, strange things can be hidden inside bank vaults. Sometimes, they have the ability to change the world. Dust has released a short film where a man is given a key to a mystery that threatens everything he ever knew. Read More >>

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Now That You’ve Recovered From It Chapter Two, Here’s a New Clown to Invade Your Nightmares

In Justin Harding’s horror short Kookie, the only thing a little girl loves more than scary movies are the forbidden treats her mom keeps within tantalisingly close reach in their kitchen. These paths twist together when Mom sets up a new cookie jar that’s terrifying in every possible way. Read More >>

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Foodie Monsters Eat Their Way to Friendship in This Adorable Stop-Motion Tale

Nothing brings friends together like a shared meal – but what happens when one friend does all the cooking, and then the other proceeds to gobble everything down without sharing? Tsuneo Goda’s wonderful stop-motion tale Mogu & Perol digs into this dicey situation. Read More >>

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This Cool Short Film Turns Stranger Things into Anime

Hawkins is about to get real animated. This new short film takes highlights from Stranger Things’ first two seasons and flips them, well, Upside Down. Read More >>

New Sci-Fi Short Watch Room Asks Who Is the Real Ghost in the Machine

Three genius friends build an artificial intelligence that seems to have a mind of its own. As we see in the new sci-fi short film Watch Room, the program they created is much more in control than they realise. Read More >>

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Stranger Things’ Natalia Dyer Subverts the ‘Lost Girl’ Trope in a New Sci-Fi Short Film

One of the common tropes in fiction is the “lost girl,” where a young woman goes missing and the majority of the film or series is spent trying to find out what happened. This can make for suspenseful viewing, but it also forces the female character to be more of a plot device than a person. In After Her, a new sci-fi short film on Dust from Aly Migliori, Stranger Things Natalia Dyer isn’t just another lost girl. She’s something... different. Read More >>

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A New Sci-Fi Short Film Explores the Scarier Side of Mind Reading

Having the ability to read minds might sound tempting, but everything comes with a price. Strip, a new sci-fi short film from Maxwell Addae, explores what could happen if learning how to read minds meant uncovering something terrible in your past... or someone else entirely. Read More >>

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These New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Shorts Share Tales of Robots, Sinister Pizza, and a Strange Place Called Earth 

Last time we did one of these short film round-ups, we gathered 10 shorts all under 10 minutes. This time, we’ve got seven creator-submitted shorts, most of which run a little longer, but all of which tell some wonderfully twisted tales. So be careful who you go home with, beware that wormhole, and seriously...don’t eat that pizza! Read More >>

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Artificial Humans Fight for Freedom in This Stylish Sci-Fi Short

We’ve sung the praises of filmmaker K-Michel Parandi in the past, and now there’s a new verse: XYZ, From Fire and Dust, a proof-of-concept short about artificial humans that Parandi hopes may become a series one day, according to Short of the Week. Read More >>

This Animated Lego Fan Film Is as Good as the Official Movies

Has the winter weather made it difficult for you to pop out to the cinema to catch The Lego Movie 2? Eventually the flakes will stop falling, but until they do, Nukazooka’s excellent fan film Lego: The Great Escape will tide you over with characters, animation, and a story that’s just as entertaining as the official movies. Did we also mention there’s a cat? Read More >>

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A Tipsy Wedding Guest Gains Some Very Wild Superpowers in This Funny Short

Who among us hasn’t had some kind of teary meltdown or earth-shattering epiphany at a wedding...especially during the reception, when one’s emotions can start flowing like free booze? Patrick Muhlberger’s The Katy Universe one-ups that experience by adding superpowers into the mix. Read More >>

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A Super-Suave Superhero Saves the Day (Sort of) in This Clever Short Film

Sprung from the cover of a comic book with the help of some old-school 3D glasses, the tiny hero at the center of Captain 3D knows what he has to do: save the shrieking damsel from the clutches of an octopus monster. Piece of cake, right? Read More >>

10 Excellent New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Shorts You Need to Check Out

Sometimes, you’ve got the bandwidth for watching the extended cut of a superhero movie plus all its special features, or binge-watching an entire TV season. But other times, you only need a quick fix. We’re here to help with 10 of the best new sci-fi, fantasy, and horror shorts around. Read More >>