The Global Coffee Shortage Is Already a Huge Headache

Hope you’re ready to face the day with nothing but your own unsharpened wits about you. Soon, they will be all you have left. Read More >>

MacBook Air
Looks Like We Might Get a New MacBook Air at WWDC This Year

The Apple rumour mill is already gearing up ahead of WWDC this year, with stock trackers the first line in the new-product guessing game. It seems big retailers like Amazon are running dry of MacBook Airs both in the US and UK, which whispers refresh to those in the know -- probably just with Haswell chips and Iris. Read More >>

Nexus 4
Surprise! The Reason There’s a Nexus 4 Shortage Is Google Didn’t Order Enough

In probably the biggest no-shit moment of the year, but we now know why Google's struggling to supply us all with Nexus 4s -- it simply didn't order enough. LG's apparently pumping them out as quickly as it can, but basically, Google didn't expect the huge demand at its doors, and you have to wonder, why the hell not? Read More >>

Display Shortages Could Result in Limited iPad Mini Stock (and Angry Customers)

While we still have a few weeks to wait before we can actually get our hands on an iPad mini, pesky analysts fear it may be quite hard to actually snap one up due to a supply shortage of displays in the 7.9-inch screen market. Read More >>

Bloomberg: iPhone 5 ‘Shortage’ a Result of New Ultra-Thin Display

Despite five million units being sold in three days, Bloomberg is claiming that demand for the iPhone 5 has been outstripping supply because of a shortage of the ultra-thin display units used in the new phone. Read More >>

Is Apple About to Launch New iMacs?

Despite missing out on an upgrade at WWDC this year, an upgrade to the iMac was rumoured to be being worked on behind closed doors. Now stocks of the current iMac line are running out, so is the fabled upgrade just about to arrive? Read More >>

Have You Managed to Grab Your Samsung Galaxy S III Yet?

The new Android Emperor, the Samsung Galaxy S III, launched today across the UK, but there's a bit of an issue with stock. After the rumours yesterday, lots of outlets have come out and said that if you're after a pebble blue variant you're fat out of luck. Read More >>

How Much Is a Jar of Marmite Worth to You? How About £1,800?

Love it or hate it, Marmite is an iconic British staple. Apparently the Kiwis love it too. Unfortunately the factory that produces it in New Zealand had to be shutdown because of an Earthquake, causing the whole country to quickly run dry. Now yeast extract-starved Kiwis are forking out a colossal £1,800 each online. That’s one expensive tub of Marmite. Read More >>