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What It Might Be Like to Get Fired on Mars

Losing your job sucks. Losing your job when you live on the Red Planet could really, really suck. This short imagines what it might be like. Read More >>

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An Alien Spends Human History Underground in This Beautiful Animated Short

What’s a peaceful alien to do on a planet full of people intent on killing each other? Hide. For decades and decades. Read More >>

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Intense Sci-Fi Film Shot Entirely in Moonlight Looks Completely Alien

Some 23.2 lightyears from Earth sits the Scorpius Constellation, where scientists are working on an artificial biosphere that can harbour human life. And perhaps some other forms of life, too. Read More >>

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Here’s Your Adorable First Look at Pixar’s Upcoming Short

"Lava" is the Disney Pixar short that will première before the feature-length film Inside Out next summer. Judging by this first sneak peek, it's going to be absolutely adorable. Read More >>

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This Stunning CGI Short Shows What It Would Look Like If the Sun Died

NASA's Voyager 1 is out there, still going strong, and is due to pass out of our own solar system. If it was still functioning at the end of time for our Sun, this is what it might look like. Beautiful, in death's cold, dark embrace. Read More >>

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Disney’s New Animated Short Film Is Absolutely Beautiful

Hand-drawn animation seamlessly merges with CGI in Disney's new groundbreaking short, Paperman. It's apparently a marvel of new technology, but all I really know is it's absolutely stunning. It'll melt your heart. Read More >>

Noon home of the Sun
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In Noon the Sun Never Sets

Noon is the new North Pole. A sun-drenched city in a world 250 years in the future, desolated by nuclear mining, which set off a 50-year-long earthquake, and a volcanic eruption large enough to halt the Earth's rotation. This awesome 10-minute short shows a brutal world ravaged by corruption and greed, and looking like a cross between District 9 and Judge Dredd, it's well worth a watch. Read More >>

Rha short film
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This Incredible Sci-Fi Short Film Was Made By Just One Man

What you're looking at here is Rha, an amazing short that, frankly, needs to be made into a full feature. Aliens fighting robots, with the intellect we'd associate with 'the machines' from The Matrix. If you love good sci-fi, this is a must watch. Read More >>

Pixar The Blue Umbrella short
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Here’s the First Clip From Pixar’s Absolutely Adorable New Short

Pixar's movies are pretty much all great, some are better than others, but none of them have ever not been worth the price of admission, but don't forget the studio's awesome shorts. Like the lamp that wouldn't give up, here's the cutest two umbrellas you'll ever see. Very fitting for a damp and rainy Britain. Read More >>