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The Best Lego Sets for the Holidays 2012

There's one gift that everyone, whether boy or girl, man or woman, can enjoy even for just a few minutes: Lego. Regardless of their background or education, the joy of building something with Lego bricks is irresistible. Here are just some of the best sets of 2012, chosen to accommodate different budgets, ages and tastes. Read More >>

No, This Is the Most Spectacular Night View of Earth Ever Captured by NASA

We've seen plenty of timelapse videos from the International Space Station, but none of them were even near the amazing beauty of this one. Play it at full screen and high definition—the opening Star Wars-like shot will stun you, alone. Read More >>

Watch All the Space Shuttle Launches at Once

Today marks one year since Atlantis roared on Launch Pad 39A en route to the International Space Station. It was the last of the 135 launches in the history of the space shuttle program. Here is an amazing video that shows them all at the same time. Read More >>

This Is the Oldest Vinyl Album In the History of the World

Sometime in 1890, Emile Berliner recorded the first album in the history of the world. Then, that record by the father of the gramophone was destroyed. Today, Patrick Feaster, a sound historian at Indiana University, recreated the album using just a printed photograph of the album. His technique defies belief. Read More >>

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Alien Close Encounter or Flying Robot Lightshow?

Close Encounters of the Third Kind is one of my favourite movies ever, which is why I imagine our first contact with aliens like the video above: all pretty light and pretty music and pretty choreography. Read More >>

How to Fly a B-52 Stratofortress Bomber

Despite their age — they have been flying since the 1950s — the B-52 Stratofortress is still the backbone of the US Air Force's strategic bombing force. These jet-powered beasts can deliver over 31 tonnes of weapons to any target around the globe. That includes nuclear weapons, of course. Read More >>

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Watch Earth’s Heart Beat In This Mesmerising Animation

There's something about this animation that has me totally mesmerised. Like a lava lamp, but better. It's as if Earth has an invisible heart beat showing through the surface temperature of our oceans. Beautiful. Read More >>

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Why NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Landing Will Be Seven Minutes of Absolute Terror

On August 5, NASA's Mars Curiosity rover will touch down on the surface of the Red Planet. Or that's what we all hope, because it will be the craziest landing in the history of space exploration. Read More >>

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This Is the First Wedding In the World Filmed With Ultra-High Definition 3D Cameras

I always hated wedding videos; they always look so cheesy. But not this one. This one was filmed with RED Epic cameras on 5K resolution and 3D! These are the same cameras that Peter Jackson has used for The Hobbit, and Ridley Scott for Prometheus. Read More >>

The Five Most Relaxing Houses In the World

It may be warm and nice or rainy and miserable outside but, most probably, you have office weather in your office cubicle. Wouldn't you rather be in one of these dream holiday houses now? They have to be the most relaxing and beautiful buildings on Earth. Read More >>

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These Space Orbit Videos Just Keep Getting More and More Amazing Every Single Time

I thought I was tired of these space videos, but this one feels quite different from the many ones I've seen before. It may be the way it's framed and cropped, or the post-processing, or the whimsical Moby soundtrack, but it left me in awe once again. Read More >>

This Amazing Space Image Just Won the Internet

Not only is this the most amazing image of the Venus transit, but to me it's also one of the most impressive in the history of astronomy and space exploration. The scale and the feel of the picture left me in awe. Read More >>

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This Video of Venus Crossing the Sun Seems Straight Out of Star Wars

The transit of Venus is one of the rarest astronomical events in our solar system. It happens in pairs, every century. This awe-inspiring video shows the first of this century's pair, which happened in 2004. The next one is about to happen — on June 5, 2012. Read More >>

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Insane Time Lapse Video of the Golden Gate Fireworks Storm

Gizmodo reader Thomas Sidney McCallum sent this love video postcard of San Francisco's Golden Gate to celebrate its 75th Anniversary, beautifully filmed with RED and Canon cameras. If you have three minutes, watch it. You will like it. Read More >>

F-35 Shot With a Red Epic Camera Is Your Aeroplane Porn of the Week

Ivan Agerton, at Deep Space Reconnaissance/Special Ops, sent us this incredibly crisp footage of the F-35 shot for Lockheed Martin using a Red Epic camera and a Canon zoom. Read More >>