Builders Promise No More Toolbelt Honeys at Tradeshows

The operators of the UK Construction Week trade event have been rudely snapped into the reality of 2018, and, in an attempt to stop it all kicking off at this year's event, have assembled a code of conduct for exhibitors that explicitly warns against bunging loads of models into bikinis and having them parade around holding power tools incorrectly and unsafely for the amusement of trade attendees. Read More >>

Report: Facebook TV Coming as Early as June, It’s Still Not a Media Company

Facebook, which is definitely not a media company, is reportedly planning to launch around two dozen original “TV-like” programmes in mid-June. Are you ready to catch the opening credits in your newsfeed, stop what you’re doing, and watch some prestige television? Read More >>

Fun UK Telly Map Shows You Where All Your Favourite British Shows Are Set

A map showing where some of the UK's most popular TV shows are set has been assembled in the name of art, illustrating exactly where the happy valley of Happy Valley may be found. Read More >>

Five New Amazon Exclusives to Broadcast on August 28

Amazon's set to unleash a new batch of pilot shows at the end of the month, with the unknown properties battling each other for the public vote and the honour of being made into a proper series. Read More >>

xbox one
Microsoft’s Xbox One TV Shows, Including Halo, Coming in Early 2014

The Xbox TV dream will be fleshed out a little more some time during the first half of 2014, as that's when Microsoft says its exclusive TV content should start hitting the screens of willing Xbox One media consumers. Read More >>

Simon Cowell Turning His Shit-Locating Divining Rod on the Technology World

The next collection of unbearable idiots to be steered to success by Simon Cowell's conveyor belt of the grotesque might come from the tech world, with the TV talent mogul apparently lining up a quest to find the world's next gadget-creating entrepreneur. Read More >>

Red Dwarf Series 10 Will be Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience

A new series of Red Dwarf is happening, with six episodes set to be filmed during December and January. If you're enough of a fan to have an "H" tattoo, you can get tickets to see it being filmed. Read More >>

Harry Hill Destroys What’s Left of ITV — Rumoured to be Quitting TV Burp

Harry Hill's TV Burp, literally the only thing worth watching on ITV for the last decade, could be in trouble, thanks to reports that Harry Hill is set to walk away from the show. Read More >>