Here’s How These Deafening Shrimp Evolved Their Own Deadly Sonic Weapon

There are some shrimp species equipped with truly remarkable weaponry. The pistol shrimp’s massive claw closes with a powerful snap—louder than a gunshot, at 210 decibels—temporarily creating an air bubble with so much energy that it pops with an underwater shock wave and a flash of light and heat temporarily hotter than 9,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The shrimp use this impressive weapon to stun and kill prey. Read More >>

Newly-Discovered Chill Dad Shrimp Gets Best Name Ever

It’s a rare treat when we get to read some wholesome news about shrimp — living ones that aren’t being carefully placed around a cocktail glass. It’s even better when that news involves a feisty little shrimp getting a badass name from some cool science dudes. Read More >>

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Learn to Build a Crayfish Trap With Sticks and Reeds Before We’re All Dead

Climate change. AI takeover. Coffee wars instigated by millennial coffee addicts. The threats to humanity’s future are many and our defences, sadly, are few. You can try to flee to another planet before it all pops off, but unless you’re a literal billionaire, it’s probably better to think small. Like really small. I’m talking about fucking crayfish. Read More >>

These Glowing Rocks Capture One of Nature’s Most Beautiful Phenomena 

Looks at first like somebody threw a bunch of glowing beads on some rocks, but what you see here is actually alive. Read More >>