A Floating Balloon Bridge Could Help Replace New York City’s Failing Subways

One of New York City’s major subway lines connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan will be out of commission for months, maybe years, and some residents are preparing for an end-of-days scenario. A few enterprising New Yorkers have proposed a gondola, but building it will be nearly as pricey and time-consuming as the subway repairs. The city needs ideas for getting people over the East River, fast. Here are a few inspired ones. Read More >>

windows 8
Bend Windows 8 to Your Will With a Proper Shutdown Shortcut on the Start Screen

Windows 8 is coming, whether you like it or not. And in the run up to its launch this Friday, why not prepare to bend it to your will, after all, Samsung is too. Use this handy tip to put a shutdown icon back where it rightly belongs, on the Start Menu Screen. Read More >>