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A Side-by-Side Comparison of Movies and the Historical Clips That Inspired Them

Period films are the bane of movie producers’ existence. They cost a tonne of money, limit locations, require elaborate costuming and are always fighting against the very existence of the modern world. But when it all comes together, the films function as one of the closest things we have to a time machine. Read More >>

Check Out All the Movies That La La Land References

Sara Preciado made a lovely video that places scenes from La La Land right next to other scenes from musicals and movies that La La Land was obviously referencing. It’s fun to watch (and I say that as a person who doesn’t really get into musicals) because it reminds you of all the peppiness and cheeriness that musical numbers have, without drowning in it. Read More >>

Scenes from Shrek Side-By-Side With Scenes of the Films Shrek Makes Fun Of

Shrek is a good and fun films for kids because it follows a fun ogre with goofy sidekicks all through Shrek’s journey to find love. Shrek is a great and fantastically funny for adults because it never stops skewering the classic movies we once watched as kids. Read More >>

Seeing Film Scenes Side-By-Side with the Original Storyboard Drawings is So Cool

In these wonderful videos by Glass Distortion, you get to see the creative process of filmmaking: you can read what was written in the script, peek at what was imagined in the storyboards, and see the finished scene that was filmed for the movie. It’s the whole sausage making of turning words on a page into visual art laid out right in front of you. Read More >>

These Scenes from Trainspotting and Its Sequel Look Exactly the Same

I’ve never actually watched Trainspotting and I’m not sure if it needs a sequel 20 years later but I do think it’s kind of cool that there’s so many shots and scenes from the sequel that looks exactly like the shots and scenes from the original movie. Candice Drouet spotted the similarities in the recently released trailer for T2: Trainspotting and stacked them against the first film to show how much has stayed the same. Read More >>

Shots by Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick, Side-by-Side

It’s no secret that Stanley Kubrick first developed A.I. Artificial Intelligence and was once slated to direct the film before he passed away. Or that Kubrick put Steven Spielberg on the project, and that Kubrick and Spielberg were good friends. So it really shouldn’t be a surprise that Kubrick’s imprint is all over the movie, so much so that it’s as if Spielberg was trying to do his best Kubrick impersonation from scene to scene. Read More >>

Classic Paintings Side-By-Side With Movie Shots That Look Just Like Them

Seeing these film shots from Empire of the Sun, Lost in Translation and Sexy Beast next to the paintings of Norman Rockwell, John Kacere and Marc Chagall is like seeing double. The film version are close versions of the original art. Read More >>

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A Side-By-Side Shot Comparison of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the Original Star Wars

The new Star Wars and the original Star Wars are pretty much the same movie. Everyone can agree on that right? That’s not a bad thing! Read More >>

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Film Scenes and the Art Paintings That Inspire Them, Side-By-Side

Film takes inspiration from the world around us so it’s no surprise that directors mimic art paintings in their movies. Read More >>

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Film and Video Face Off for Cinema Supremacy

The conquering of traditional film by video technology is a story whose outcome was perhaps decided years ago. But there remain the hangers-on who fight in the name of those grainy, flickering, celluloid strips. "Side by Side" is a documentary produced by Keanu Reeves (seriously), which examines the transition from film to video in the world of movies. Read More >>