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Your Star Wars Collection Isn’t Complete Without a Life-Size £5,952 Boba Fett Figure

So this is what collecting action figures has come to? Apparently some Star Wars aficionados aren’t content with 3.75 or even 12-inch figures in their collection. They demand something grander and even more elite, which is why a life-size Boba Fett action figure can now be had for just shy of $8,500 (£5,952). Read More >>

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A Jedi Master Would Surely Approve of Spending £1,770 on This Life-Size Yoda

Jedi are supposed to be the wise peacekeepers of the galaxy, eschewing personal belongings and human desires. Surely they'd make an exception for this life-size 32-inch tall Yoda figure from Sideshow Collectibles, even if they had to sell their lightsabers to afford one. Read More >>

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The Ultimate Star Wars Action Figure is Life-Sized and Costs £5,560

Don’t bother spending your weekends scouring toy shops for hard-to-find Star Wars figures. Nothing on the shelves at Toys ‘R’ Us can even begin to compare with Hot Toys’ new First Order Stormtrooper from its Life-Size Masterpiece Series. Standing over six-feet tall it’s easily the most impressive Star Wars figure ever created. Read More >>

Yes, You’re Allowed to Describe This Evil Dead II Figure As “Groovy”

Because let’s be honest—this is a damn groovy figure indeed. Read More >>

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The Most Detailed Star Wars Figure Ever Is 13 Inches of Sith Glory

Putting every action figure ever released to shame, Sideshow Collectibles has announced an absolutely stunning 13.5-inch tall Dark Vader figure that's promised to be the most detailed Star Wars toy ever released. It includes everything from glowing electronics on his chest plate and belt, a selection of nine-different swappable posed hands to choose from, lit and unlit lightsabers, and even separate display stands for the Vader and his removable helmet. Read More >>