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Miner Finds Enormous 706-Carat Diamond, Promptly Hands it Over to the Government

A pastor and independent miner in Sierra Leone has unearthed an uncut 706-carat diamond estimated to be worth tens of millions of dollars. The pastor turned the diamond over to the government in hopes that the proceeds from its sale will help the impoverished nation. But given the history of this former “blood-diamond” nation, what happens from here is anyone’s guess. Read More >>

Two New Cases of Ebola Have Appeared In Guinea 

While the West African Ebola Outbreak largely came to an end back in January, isolated cases are still appearing, including two cases which emerged this week in Guinea. Read More >>

New Case of Ebola Confirmed in Sierra Leone

Just hours after West Africa was declared Ebola-free, officials in Sierra Leone have confirmed that there has been a new death from the disease in the north of the country. Read More >>

World Health Organization Declares West Africa Ebola-Free

It’s been a long, hard fight, but the World Health Organization has finally announced that West Africa is Ebola-free. Read More >>