1920s Tech Finally Cleaned Out in London Underground Refresh

A quite amazingly brave and tireless little signal box that should be the star of a series of books has finally retired, with the piece of kit inside Edgware Road station at last being allowed to have a rest and a sit down in a museum. Read More >>

Your Brain’s Safe, as 11-Year Study Finds “No Evidence” Mobiles are Frying Our Heads

A long-running study into the possible dangers of mobile use and local masts has found absolutely no evidence of any health issues, with our brains, the babies of mothers living near phone masts and cancer rates showing no signs of impact from the radio waves. Read More >>

What the World Would Look Like if You Could See Mobile Phone Signals

There are thousands of invisible signals bouncing around us all the time, and the world would be a very different place if we could seem them. Visualiser extraordinaire Nickolay Lamm already showed us what the Wi-Fi noise would look like, and now he's back to illuminate the mobile phone signals all around us. It's trippy. Read More >>

Police Can Timestamp Any Audio Recording From Background Interference Alone

A team of forensic researchers from the Metropolitan Police in London, claim to be able to accurately timestamp any audio recording—using just the background electrical hum present in any digital recording. Read More >>

The Spray-On Antenna That Boosts Reception Using Zero Power

If you often find yourself lacking wireless signal, there may soon be a simple solution. Scientists have developed a spray-on coating that can boost your phone's reception, make your home amplify signals instead of attenuating them, or even turn a tree into a transmitter. Read More >>