For £262,000, This Clockwork Machine Will Save You the Hassle of Writing Your Own Name

Are you a billionaire suffering from wrist cramps brought on by the endless stacks of cheques you need to endorse? A two-pound rubber stamp is one solution, but more befitting of your fiduciary status could be Jaquet Droz’s Signing Machine, which uses sophisticated clockwork mechanisms to flawlessly recreate your signature. Read More >>

Use Preview on a Mac to Add Your Signature to Emails and Documents

If you have a Mac, you have Preview. But you might not know this helpful little utility can store digital signatures for you – signatures that can then be appended to PDFs, Pages documents and Mail messages. Here’s how to set up your signatures and add them to to your digital files. Read More >>

What Can We Learn About Tech CEOs From Their Signatures?

Ever think back to the first time you tried out your own John Hancock? You'd seen grown-ups scrawl their signature on everything from cheques to documents to the odd note to get you out of going to school. You knew one day you too would have to scribble on legally binding documents, so you endlessly sat down to practise your signature. Read More >>