Put Road Signs on the Ground to Protect Phone-Using Pedestrians, Says Transport Expert

A transport expert tasked with stopping us lot strolling into traffic each time a bot likes one of our rubbish tweets has had an idea, suggesting that the pavements of the future might be embedded with more pedestrian advice so we might stand a chance of seeing it in the peripheral vision that surrounds our exciting telephone worlds. Read More >>

RIP Robert Blakeley, Designer of the Fallout Shelter Sign

Designer Robert W. Blakeley isn’t a household name, but every American has seen his work. No, he wasn’t employed by Coca-Cola or Ford or Disney, but instead worked for the US government. Blakeley’s most famous design? He came up with the yellow and black fallout shelter sign. Sadly, he died last week at the age of 95. Read More >>

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Here’s How London Bus Destination Blinds are Made

The iconic buses in London are red, double-deckers that use roller blinds to show the destination stop rather than the typical LED display. I think the blinds look a lot better than the digital displays, to be perfectly honest. Read More >>

TfL Apologises For Botched Disability Access Signs on Elizabeth Line Map

The new Crossrail map that was introduced alongside the renaming of London's new tube to the Elizabeth line has already been picked apart by observant travellers, who've noticed that Transport for London has got the disability access signs completely wrong. Read More >>

Sydney Has Rolled Out the World’s First E Ink Traffic Signs

E Ink displays are an attractive way of displaying information that doesn’t change by the second: they don’t use much power, are easy to read in variable lighting, and happen to be relatively affordable. Now, they’re finding use not just in handheld devices, though, but on the streets of Sydney, Australia. Read More >>

TfL Gets Name Wrong on New Overground Station Signs

Some unfortunate workmen were caught in the act of putting up an incorrectly spelled station name sign over the weekend, as part of the preparatory work for the official launch of another section of London rail that's getting the London Overground rebranding. Read More >>

The Secret History of the Most Famous Neon Sign in the World

Much like the I Heart NY logo or the Hollywood Sign, the sign welcoming visitors to Las Vegas was not meant as a grand gesture when it was conceived. What was a simple act of civic self promotion — an ad, really — became a piece of public art and eventually an icon in the public domain, plastered on fuzzy dice and shot glasses that line the Strip’s souvenir shops. But who made it? Read More >>

London Road Markings Suggest Looking LIEFIT Before Crossing

That's the mess made on an Islington street by London road painters, who managed to write something suggesting pedestrians look LIEFIT when crossing a side road. It's since been corrected, but not before several walkers did their necks in while trying to look all the ways at once. [Standard] Read More >>

The Secret Ways Airports Tell Us Where to Go

As humans have developed cities and built environments, we have also needed to develop ways to find our way through them. Signage goes back at least as far as the Roman Empire where they constructed "milestones" along their roadways. Read More >>

How Times Square Works

When we stepped out onto the roof, the wind whipped me sideways, and it took me a second to get my bearings. I was nine stories above Times Square, staring at the back of its biggest LED sign, and it was thrilling. Read More >>

All Parking Signs Should be This Easy to Read

Parking signs can be some of the most confusing things on the planet. But New York City-based designer Nikki Sylianteng is on a quest to change that, with a new style of sign which finally makes sense. It's gloriously simple, makes perfect sense and feels like something that every city in the world should embrace, not just New York. Read More >>

Brewer Accused of “Cultural Vandalism” Over Quaint Pub Sign Rebranding

Brewer and pub chain Greene King is dumping around 200 classic painted pub signs that depict names such as the Crab & Winkle and Dog & Partridge, in favour of replacing them with generic green and gold banners highlighting its preferred term of "Pub and Flame Grill" instead. Men who favour cloudy ciders are not happy. Read More >>

Your Dead Relative’s Metal Parts Are Being Tuned Into Road Signs

It's time to cremate grandma. But what's to come of the perfectly usable metal hip replacement she leaves behind? For the residents of several English cities, the answer lies in public signage. Read More >>

When Did We Start Using the + and – Signs?

Though most people in this world never want to think about maths after school, let's talk about its symbols. Where and when did the symbols for addition and subtraction get invented? We don't even question them when we see them now. But what the heck did people use before that? Read More >>

The Lost Art of Painting a Sign

Wander down any road as recently as 30 years ago, and you'd be confronted by storefronts, banners and billboards that were all hand painted. Sadly that tradition has declined — but this amazing documentary attempts to shed light on the lost art of sign painting. Read More >>