That Alien High School Play Got To Put on an Encore Performance For Ripley Herself

One of the coolest fan works in recent memory is a stage adaptation of the original Alien movie, performed by a New Jersey high school drama program, complete with locally sourced props and a decently convincing xenomorph. Read More >>

These Are Two of the Best Aliens Posters We’ve Ever Seen

There’s no shortage of beautiful posters when it comes to the Alien franchise. From the original one-sheets and fan art, up through the work by Mondo and others, it’s a series bustling with great visual representations. And yet, these may be two of the best. Read More >>

Ridley Scott Has an Idea to Work Ripley Into His Alien Prequels

Simply put, Ellen Ripley is the Alien franchise. Even though her adversary gets the title, Ripley is the star of the first four films, and her story is what ties everything together. So the fact that director Ridley Scott has an idea to work her back into his films isn’t a surprise. But the way he wants to do it might be. Read More >>

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Watching Kids Narrate Planet Earth Is the Most Adorable Thing

David Attenborough narrating Planet Earth? Snooze. Okay, not really but he's definitely not as adorable as these kids narrating Planet Earth. You'll hear about cheeseburgers, watch a headphone struggle and see creative ways to pronounce 'David Attenborough'. Read More >>