US Considers Chinese Investment in Artificial Intelligence a National Security Threat

The US Department of Defense is struggling to get its arms around all of the new security issues that have come with our current technological explosion. One unexpected consideration on the table is placing stricter limitations on investment capital from China flowing into American companies that are working on artificial intelligence. Read More >>

Silicon Valley Can’t Stop Puking Money All Over Soylent

Soylent, a substance, is about to be everywhere. A team of queasy venture capitalists just invested $50 million into the company. This, despite the fact that Soylent is perhaps best known for lying about its ingredients and giving people fits of relentless vomiting and uncontrollable diarrhoea. Read More >>

Uber’s Old YouTube Channel Is Awkward, Involves Nazis

Today, people know Uber as a bloated, embattled, and probably evil transportation company. But seven years ago, it was a brand-new startup still beta-testing its iPhone app and beginning to market its service. If the company’s old YouTube channel is any indication, however, it’s a damn miracle that Uber lasted more than a year. Read More >>

Detailed 3D Floor Plans Reveal Everything You Missed While Binge-Watching Your Favorite Shows

After watching through all three seasons of HBO’s Silicon Valley, you probably feel like a member of Erlich Bachman’s cramped incubator. But how well do you really know his Silicon Valley home? Drawbotics, a company that makes 3D real-estate visualisations, took some time to create detailed layouts of some fictional properties that only exist on TV. Read More >>

Uber’s CEO Praises the ‘Magic of America’ in Toothless Statement on Immigration Ban

Being part of Trump’s economic advisory team and the head of an international Silicon Valley company has Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick in a bit of a pickle. His official statement regarding the president’s immigration ban takes virtually no position, aside from that America is great. Read More >>

Report: Elon Musk Also Flying to Trump Tower to Kiss the Ring

This weekend, we learned that Tim Cook and Sheryl Sandberg were among a handful of tech moguls being summoned to Donald Trump’s gilded lair for a mysterious summit this week, but the full roster of invitees remained unknown. Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal added a name to the President-elect’s guest list: Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. Read More >>

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The Men Who Run Startups Blame Lack of Diversity on Everyone Else

There is a well-documented problem with diversity in the male-dominated tech world. Who’s to blame? A new survey of some of the most powerful future Silicon Valley millionaires reveals that men, shockingly, want to blame everyone and everything but the tech industry itself. Read More >>

Report: Vegan Mayo Startup Is Actually Completely Full of It

A familiar tale has emerged from the bowels of Silicon Valley of late. A startup—usually based on some fancy, technology-heavy concept—woos investors and customers, raises a ton of money, and seems poised to take over the world. But then someone does some digging and uncovers a bunch of crooked numbers and shoddy business practices, and it all comes crashing down. Read More >>

Living in Silicon Valley Sounds Like a Nightmare 

The housing situation has become so ridiculous in Palo Alto, California, that there’s a studio up for sale for a cool $1.3 million – that's the equivalent of £990,000. Bloomberg says that’s totally normal. Good luck using your phone in this stupid overpriced studio, because cell service is a total shit show. Read More >>

Silicon Valley Too Embarrassed to Give Money to Trump

Silicon Valley is, in theory, all about innovation and social change, but despises regulation, meaning its most powerful leaders’ political leanings vary quite a bit. In past elections, tech millionaires and billionaires gave tonnes of money to both Democrats and Republicans, but 2016 is, unsurprisingly, not your average election. Read More >>

Vegan Mayo Startup Paid Contractors to Buy Its Culinary Abomination

Hampton Creek is a Silicon Valley startup that sells, among other products, an eggless mayonnaise substitute called Just Mayo. The company reportedly had some surprising “customers,” however: people it paid to buy the product. Oh, Silicon Valley. Always looking to disrupt the natural order of things. Read More >>

The Juiciest Parts of The New Facebook Tell-All Book

In early June, Vanity Fair ran a lengthy excerpt of Chaos Monkeys, a purported tell-all from Antonio Garcia Martinez, a former Facebook employee who was fired after two years at the company. The book was finally released on June 28th, and there’s a fair heap of dirt to be found among Martinez’s 528 pages chronicling his time at Facebook and his broader experience of working in Silicon Valley. Read More >>

Palantir’s Party Culture: Beer Pong, Office Pranks, and a Bad Case of the Hives

Palantir is one of the most secretive tech firms in Silicon Valley. Its clients include the FBI, the NSA, and the CIA, as well as companies like JPMorgan Chase, Walmart, and Credit Suisse. The 12-year-old big data firm has received $2.7 billion (£1.8bn) in funding, and at a valuation of $25 billion (£17bn), it’s considered the fourth most valuable startup in the world behind Uber, Xiaomi, and Airbnb. Read More >>

Real-Life Silicon Valley is Too Weird for the Show

Everyone who lives in California's actual Silicon Valley and who also watches the show of the same name has said it’s creepily accurate. Turns out, the truth is stranger than fiction and writers have discarded real-life events as plot points to make the show seem more plausible. Read More >>

Is Mark Zuckerberg Building a Doomsday Bunker on His Cali Estate?

Mark’s Zuckerberg’s plans for world domination are well underway...and they might include his own backyard. The Facebook billionaire and reported pesky neighbour appears to be turning his Palo Alto estate in California into a fully-formed compound by razing four neighbouring homes and building four smaller structures — including one that could be a damn doomsday bunker. Read More >>