Science Gives Silkworm Spiderman-esque Silk

Researchers have successfully beefed up the delicate thread of the silkworm by feeding them graphene, or single-walled carbon nanotubes. You know what that means. Get ready for some silky-smooth wearable tech. Read More >>

Silkworms Fed Dyed Mulberry Leaves to Produce Coloured Silk

Fact: Snails fed coloured paper will poop coloured squiggles. Now, silkworms are getting in on the technicolour action: a recent report shows that, after eating mulberry leaves treated with fabric dye, regular larvae will produce cotton candy tinted fibres. They're like biological 3D printers for producing coloured silk. Read More >>

6,500 Silk Worms Spin One Heck Of a Cloud

Honestly, it seems like silk pajamas are on a downswing in popularity. Which is a damn shame. But the Mediated Matter Research Group (part of the MIT Media Lab) recently put thousands of silkworms to work on an architectural project that combines the worms' natural talent with computer modeling. Read More >>

Silk: Nature’s Homespun Supermaterial

Most of your exposure to silk probably comes in the form of uncomfortably sensual linens or cobwebs in a dusty old closet. In reality, though, silk is an incredible and overlooked material. While it may have roots in the ancient past, it could also form the building blocks of the future. Read More >>