Microsoft’s Making its Own SIM Card to Provide Contract-less Cellular Data

It seems Microsoft is developing its own SIM cards that will allow Windows 10 devices to access a range of different cellular data networks without the need for a contract. Read More >>

FCC Papers Show LG May be Building a Smartwatch With 3G

Newly-surfaced papers at the US FCC seem to indicate that LG's upcoming smartwatch will boast a 3G cellular connection. Soon you could be wearing your LG phone on your wrist! Read More >>

Millions of Phones Could Be Vulnerable to This SIM Card Hack

A German cryptographer claims to have hacked a SIM card. It's never been done before (as far as we know), so it's kind of a big deal and shows that millions of phones are potentially vulnerable from hack-by-SMS. Read More >>

You Can Totally Butcher Your SIM Card into a Nano-SIM If You’re Insane

So let's say you're really excited to get a new iPhone 5, but unlike the average buyer, you're getting an unlocked one straight from Apple, and you're champing at the bit to bring it to your carrier. Problem: your current micro-SIM won't fit. What to do?! Well you can hack your normal SIM down to size, if you're desperate. Read More >>

NanoSIMs For the iPhone 5 Start Arriving With Networks

If you needed any more proof that we're going to get a new nanoSIM-equipped iPhone 5 in the next week or two, this should put your mind at rest. NanoSIMs have apparently started arriving at network operators, including T-Mobile in Germany, and that could pretty much mean only one thing. Read More >>

This Is (Probably) Your Next SIM Card

Over the past few months, Apple, Nokia, RIM and Motorola have all been getting very worked up over something rather boring: SIM cards. After Apple's attempt to capture the market, there's finally a new proposed design—which might actually find its way into your next phone. Read More >>

Apple’s Nano-SIM Comes Under Fire From Nokia, Motorola and RIM

Last year, it became apparent that Apple was planning to introduce a new SIM card, even tinier than the micro SIMs it uses in the iPhone 4S and iPad. But now Apple is trying to push the idea through regulators—and its competitors are having none of it. Read More >>