UK Network to Hand Out “Free” Data and Call SIMs from July

US mobile network FreedomPop is coming to the UK this summer, when it'll launch a completely free SIM that includes a small amount of data, mobile call minutes and texts. Read More >>

US and UK Spies Had Access to “Billions” of SIM Cards

The world's largest maker of SIM cards was hacked by UK and US spying agencies, potentially opening up access to the monitoring of personal calls of... everyone. They're going to need a bigger cloud storage account for all that data. Read More >>

Number Porting Appears to be Breaking Vodafone’s Data Connections

A pile of complaints regarding Vodafone's data services have been hitting the network, with plenty of users who've ported across numbers from other providers saying the process has broken their data connections. And yes, they do have the right APN settings in their phones. Read More >>

Multi-Network Apple SIM Card is On Sale at £3.99 from EE

Want one of Apple's multi-network SIM cards? You can pick them up from EE for £3.99 -- though they'll only work with the iPad Air 2. Read More >>

GiffGaff Chops Unlimited Data Options for New and Some Current Subscribers

Popular mini network GiffGaff is about to refresh it data bundles, with some of its beloved affordable unlimited options getting the axe at the end of the month. Read More >>

O2 Adds 4G Data to £15 and £20 PAYG SIMs

O2's about to launch a collection of new PAYG SIM deals, with its "Big Bundle" tariffs starting at £10 a month and offering users a contract-like allowance of 100 minutes, 1,000 texts and 500MB of 3G data. Up that to £15 a month and PAYG users get 200 minutes and 1GB of data that allows 4G connectivity. Or there's a £20 option and bolt-ons to make it all more complex. [O2] Read More >>

Virgin Media’s “Quad Play” TV, Broadband, Phone and SIM Deals Start at £35 a Month

The everything-you-can-do modern conglomerated contract has arrived in the UK, with Virgin Media proudly announcing the arrival of our first quad-play deals. Called the Big Bundles, prices start at £35 for a unified fun deal. Read More >>

Take Advantage of this Sainsbury’s Mobile Offer With This “SIM-ply Amazing” Deal of the Day

What's exciting about SIM cards? Not much really. They're about as thrilling as a footballer's post-match interview. SIMs don't swash your buckles or tickle your pickle, but they are incredibly useful in your phone as, without them, you'd just have a blank screen, more barren than your feeble imagination. Read More >>

Get a Free SIM on the Three Network With This “Ditch the Contract” Deal of the Day

Since Ovivo vanished unexpectedly, there'll be a good number of people on the lookout for another mobile deal. Presumably, it'll be entirely made up of those with second phones because they're having an affair, or ringing up bars and asking for "Hugh Janus" and the like. Read More >>

Rumoured Samsung Gear 2.5 May Also be a Sci-Fi Wrist Phone

Korean news sources are suggesting a reworked version of Samsung's Tizen-powered Gear 2 smartwatch may appear soon, with the hardware upgraded to feature an internal USIM module that'll let wearers place voice calls via their wrists alone. Read More >>

Millions of Phones Could Be Vulnerable to This SIM Card Hack

A German cryptographer claims to have hacked a SIM card. It's never been done before (as far as we know), so it's kind of a big deal and shows that millions of phones are potentially vulnerable from hack-by-SMS. Read More >>

Virgin Mobile Admits to New 2Mb Mobile Data Speed Cap

Virgin Mobile has started restricting mobile data connections to around 2Mb, reducing the maximum download speeds on offer to 3G phone users to help give everyone a workable level of service. Read More >>

Not Convinced By 4G? Try it For Free For a Month

Tech retailer Expansys has cut a deal with 4G network EE to offer a super-cheap 4G data SIM, loaded with a 5GB data allowance -- and your first month free. Entering the code FREE4G when buying a £1.99 EE SIM from the shop gets you access to the 4G dream. Usual cost £15.99. Terms and conditions apply. Seems legit. Give it a go if you live in an LTE hotspot. [Expansys via Recombu] Read More >>

Virgin Media Uses the U-Word to Describe New Mobile Data SIMs

Virgin Media's new Big Data pay-as-you-go SIM may tempt a few of you, as it sees the network offer unlimited mobile data to SIM-only customers in return for topping up with £10 of credit a month. Read More >>

Desperate to Butcher Yourself a Nano SIM? Here’s the “World’s First” Nano SIM Cutter

Despite what the creator of the new tiny SIM card had to say about the ability to DIY yourself a fancy new nano SIM, where there's a, err, desperate will, there's a tool for the job. Meet the "world's first" nano SIM cutter. Read More >>