Lego Batman Movie Easter Egg Puts the Batcomputer in Your iPhone

If you saw The Lego Batman Movie this past weekend, then you might’ve realised that the voice of the Batcomputer was none other than Siri, the digital voice command assistant found in Apple consumer electronics products. Well, if you’ve got an iPhone, Siri will turn into the Batcomputer if you say the magic words. Read More >>

Nokia’s Answer To Siri Might Be Named Viki

There's already a battle raging between the big virtual assistants: Siri, Google Now, Cortana and Alexa have been locked in a database arms race to become the one virtual butler we all want to talk to. But as with many tech trends, no company wants to be left behind, and so we hear the newly rebooted Nokia is working on its own version, called Viki. Read More >>

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Will Siri Ever Learn Scottish?

Ask any Scottish person who lives in England, or has been to England, or has ever met an English person, and they’ll tell you about ‘the look’: people smiling at you with a knitted brow, nodding but baffled. It’s the look people get when they have no idea what you’re saying, no matter how often you repeat it. Sometimes they pat you on the arm, conciliatory, in case you’re trying to start a fight. Read More >>

How to Use Siri to Find New Music

One of the tasks any respectable virtual assistant should be able to carry out for you is to discover new music, and Siri is certainly up to speed in this regard. If you’re lacking inspiration for your next road trip tune or party mix, here are some of the ways you can get Siri to help. Read More >>

Bored Men are Talking Dirty to Their Virtual Assistants

Bored and supposedly lonely men are said to be turning to the robotic and slightly female tones of Apple's Siri assistant and its ilk for company -- and maybe more. Read More >>

You Can Now Use Siri to Make Skype Calls on iOS

iOS 10 brought with it the chance to integrate Apple's virtual assistant with third party apps, and developers are quickly taking advantage of that fact. The latest one to join the fray is Microsoft, which just added Siri integration to the Skype iOS app. Read More >>

Apple’s Answer to the Amazon Echo Sounds Creepy

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is moving forward with plans for a smart home hub, joining the Amazon Echo and the upcoming Google Home device in the battle to take over your house. Read More >>

Siri Reading Every Emoji Is Hilariously Comprehensive

Emoji work great when you read them, but Apple’s CarPlay is all about keeping your eyes on the road. Instead, CarPlay recruits Siri to describe the emoji for you—often with hilarious results. Read More >>

Go Download the MacOS Sierra Public Beta Right Now — If You Dare

The macOS 10.12 beta is now available for public download. We’ve already previewed the new features using the developer beta, and our first impressions were very positive. Mac users will love the changes. Read More >>

Siri for macOS Confirmed For Those Few That Can Handle Talking to a Mac

Starbucks coffee shops are going to become noisier and even more insufferable – Siri is coming to macOS. Read More >>

Siri Successfully Calls an Ambulance to Help Sick Child

A person has used Siri! On purpose! And it worked! Australian mum Stacey Gleeson used Apple's voice-based assistant when she dropped her iPhone on the floor in a panic amid rushing to the aid of her stricken one-year-old daughter, then instructed the computerised lady to call for help. And it all turned out OK. Read More >>

What to Expect From WWDC 2016: iOS 10, Apple Watch 2 and More

Apple's about to monopolise the tech newsfeeds for several hours next week, as its annual WWDC event gets underway over there in its home country on June 13. There will be a man. He might say some things. He may even have a new object. But what things and/or objects? Read More >>

Apple is Reportedly Building an Echo Rival and Opening Siri to Developers

Less than a week after hearing about Google’s voice-controlled home assistant, The Information says that Apple has a similar inclination. The Cupertino company will reportedly open up the Siri API to third-party developers in the near future and will eventually make its own Amazon Echo rival. Read More >>

Use Your Siri Remote to Control Your Mac

The Apple TV brings with it a revamped, Siri-powered remote control to make it easier for you to jump between menus, navigate through content and beat your high score on Crossy Road. With a simple hack the remote can also be used to control your Mac OS X machine. Here’s how it’s done. Read More >>

How to Teach Siri Better Pronunciation

Siri making a meal of your boyfriend’s name? Or is it just not getting the right amount of twang in when trying to say the name of the local cab firm? If you think Siri’s pronunciation skills leave something to be desired then you can retrain the app yourself in just a few minutes—here’s how to go about it. Read More >>