Posh Dating Site Sued Over Lack of Rich Men

A woman who signed up to an exclusive dating site for the super-rich in the hope she might meet a nice man with loads of money and an Instagram chest was disappointed by the size and quality of the gene pool offered, so sued the company. She won, in yet another insult to the few men who made themselves available in 2013. Read More >>

The Internet Looks Like Crap Today Due to a Font Vault Cock-Up

The IT departments of various internet businesses are in crisis mode today, after a server problem with an internet font archive effectively broke the well researched and tested layouts and font choices of some of the biggest web sites out there. Read More >>

Facebook Apologises for Ad Featuring Photo of 17-Year-Old Suicide Victim

The sorry case of Rehtaeh Parsons has taken a new turn today, with Facebook apologising for allowing her photograph to be used in an advert for a dating site that ran across its pages. Read More >>

10 Best Design Websites to Add to Your Radar

While our Design Week has been in full swing all this week, how about a look at some our favourite sites that eat and breath design 24/7? We've picked 10 of our favourites which manage to inspire, provoke thought, and give us a fantastic insight into the wonderful world of design, every single day. You're welcome.

Buying and Other Fake Websites Is the Internet Equivalent of Wearing a Folex

If you have a questionable sense of humour with some disposable income to your name, here's something you can do: buy wrong website domains that totally look like the real thing. Like for See what I did there? It's like wearing a fake Rolex but on the Internet. Read More >>

Kisses = New Global Money, According to Kissbank

This is not about prostitution. Kissbank wants to turn the kiss into a new form of web-based virtual currency, where users can send kisses to their heroes, friends, lovers and fans. Read More >>