This Pair of Bionic Trousers is a Chair That You Wear

Sitting won't kill you. It's actually great, and important! And for some people, like assembly line workers, not having a chair to sit in can actually pose a health hazard. That's why Noone developed the Chairless Chair, a chair you can wear. Read More >>

Good News! Sitting Won’t Kill You After All

Sitting is undeniably one of the comfiest ways to arrange your body. Almost as good as lounging, really, and just short of "dangling worry-free from hammock." But it has acquired a very bad rap over the past few years. A bad rap it doesn't quite deserve. Read More >>

This is the Most Fun I’ve Ever Had Sitting in a Chair

The future is vibrant. The future is kinetic. The future is a chair that spins around when you sit on it. The future is incredible. Read More >>

How to Sit Correctly with Good Posture So You Don’t Kill Yourself

Are standing desks last year's advice? Whatever. Unless you're lucky enough to be on your feet all day for work, you probably sit too much, we all do. When we go home, we sit on the couch. When we have dinner, we sit on a chair. When we watch a movie, we sit in the cinema. When we go out, we sit on a stool. Our life is full with sitting interrupted by little moments of walking so it's important to well, be good at it. This animation video shows you the correct posture for sitting. [Flikli via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

Sitting On Your Arse All Day Is Killing You, But Frequent Cups of Tea Might Save Your Life

This might not come as a surprise to many, but apparently sitting on your arse all day is seriously boosting your chances of kicking the bucket early. It’s not just because it’s making you fat either; sitting and not moving all day also screws up the normal operation of your body according to researchers, but tea might be the answer. Read More >>