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What the New Samsung Galaxy S4 Could Have Been

Samsung has seemingly spent several small countries' entire GDP on marketing and promoting the impending Galaxy S4, but it all falls flat once you actually get the phone in your hand. It's not a bad phone, it's just... yawn. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Has Been Rooted Before It’s Even Available

Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S4 isn't even on the shelves yet, but a team of dedicated tinkerers over at XDA Developers has already managed to root the thing. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S4 hands on
What’s the Best Price Plan for the Samsung Galaxy S4?

There's one thing you can guarantee about the Samsung Galaxy S4: no matter what it's actually like, it'll sell like gold-plated unibody-construction rocking-horse-shit. It's already busted records for pre-registrations (whatever they are), but now it's up for real pre-orders, with money and everything. So the big question is, what's the best place to buy your shiny new S4? Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S IV Video Leaks Show Off Smart Pause, Gesture Recognition, and More

A series of leaked videos purport to show off some of the Samsung Galaxy S IV's new control methods, including a smart pause system and touch-free control. Read More >>