How Big Is the New Enterprise Compared to the Old One?

725.35 metres. A whoppumental 2,379.75 feet. That's how big the new super-sized Enterprise is. Here you can see it compared against the Galactica, the good old Enterprise, the Blockade Runner, and the ISS. Read More >>

Size Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5

Excited about the Galaxy S4? Maybe you are, but haven't had a chance to hold it. Or maybe you just haven't seen it lined up against its biggest (smallest?) competitor, the iPhone 5. Here are some high quality renders of the two side by side from our good friend Martin Hajek. Read More >>

How the iPhone 4S’ Camera Sensor Compares with the Nokia 808 PureView, a Point and Shoot, and a Full Frame DSLR

If you were ever curious to find out what the size of your phones and cameras' sensor, the guys behind CameraSize have made SensorSize. It shows what your camera is really packing underneath those materials and whips 'em out to compare it with other devices too. Read More >>

The Old and Next Generation MacBook Pro Compared Side to Side—This Is Just Insane

Compare their size: the old MacBook Pro on the left vs. the next generation MacBook Pro on the right. It's stunning! The entire new laptop is much thinner than the old one's main body. It's really insane. Read More >>

The Exact Day Phones Will Be Bigger Than Your Penis

Noted penis-blogger John Herrman has dug up a deeply disturbing fact: At the rate we're going, mobile phone screens will outgrow the average human penis length before the end of the year. October 2nd, 2012. This is happening, people. Read More >>

Here’s How Much Better an iPad 3 Retina Display Will Be

Short of kidnapping Tim Cook and waterboarding him, we couldn't be more sure the iPad 3 will boast a mega-pretty retina display resolution. But buzzwordiness aside, just how much better will the new sharpness be? It makes everything that came before it look puny. See for yourself. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Note: Truly, Freakishly Large

For a while Samsung couldn't decide whether to call its Galaxy Note tablet or a phone. Considering that its 5.3-inch screen splits the difference between an iPhone and a Galaxy Tab 7, that's not surprising. Read More >>