A Drill-Powered Electric Skateboard Is the Silliest Way to Get Around Town

Boosted boards—those snazzy electric longboards—are in high demand, and they’re expensive. Fully decked out, one of these is going to run over £1,000. And they won’t ship until late July at the absolute earliest. There’s an obvious solution—but it’s not easily embarrassed. Read More >>

The Razor RipSurf is a Strange Hybrid Between a Skateboard and Surfboard

Razor has pretty much cornered the market on two-wheeled toys. The company was synonymous with the short-lived scooter fad, and it recently doubled-down on its obsession with two wheelers by releasing its very own “hoverboard”. Now, Razor is going a step farther by introducing an entirely new way to get around on two wheels. Read More >>

‘Post Modern Skateboard’ Has No Board Whatsoever

We're well into the 21st century, so perhaps it's not surprising that somebody finally decided to render the tried-and-true skateboard a major update. Enter the Post Modern Skateboard — at least, that's how it's being marketed. Thing is, this contraption has no board to speak of. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Surface Actually Makes For a Pretty Decent Skateboard

What happened to Microsoft? When did it get so damn cool? Not only has it just busted out some pretty decent tablets, but its execs seem to know how to have fun too. Steven Sinofsky, head of the Windows unit, decided to mount some skate trucks on the back of a Surface tablet and ride that thing around Microsoft's campus. Read More >>

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A Skateboard That Can Go Down Stairs

Gliding along sidewalks, grinding along rails and... oh, walking down the stairs? There are some obstacles not even a skateboard can clear, which is why Royal College of Art graduate Po-Chih Lai has designed a skateboard that can go down stairs. Read More >>