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This Skatepark Looks Like It Was Designed by M.C. Escher

You’ll find posters of M.C. Escher’s sketches of impossible structures and buildings in almost every college dorm room. But there’s a good chance the artist also spent some time designing magnificently twisted skateparks in Mexico that just barely abide by the laws of our universe. Read More >>

Over-the-Top Cinematography Makes Tiny Skateboard Tricks Look Like the Coolest Sport Ever

Skateboarders are undoubtedly some of the coolest professional athletes, but does that apply to fingerboarders as well, who perform impossible tricks with tiny decks just a few inches long? Normally, no, but through the lens of Sebastian Linda’s camera, what kid wouldn’t aspire to be a pro fingerboarder one day? Read More >>

How is This Kid So Damn Good at Freeline Skating?

Freeline skates are a pair of skates that are completely separate from each other, and simply riding them seems impossible. A skateboard is one solid deck, and roller blades are attached to your feet. But freeline skates? Each part has two inline wheels, and somehow you have to somehow control both at the same time by doing a wave-like motion without losing your balance. Read More >>

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You Can Learn a Lot About Physics Watching Skateboard Tricks

Most people look at skateboarders as hooligans, turning public parking lots and shopping malls into their own private skateparks. But it turns out a professional boarder can teach you more about physics than your high school science teacher ever could. You just need someone to explain what’s going on during ollies, kick flips, and rail slides. [YouTube via Hypebeast] Read More >>

Guy Performs Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Tricks in Real Life

Growing up, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 was one of my favorite games. The soundtrack, the frantic pace, and the ridiculous ragdolly special moves made it a joy to play—although I chalked that last bit up as video game magic that no actual skateboarder could ever pull off. Clearly, I’d never met Jonny Giger. Read More >>

Tony Hawk (Old) Can Still Pull Off His Famous 900

Seventeen years ago, extreme sports ambassador and titular Pro Skater Tony Hawk pulled off the 900 revolution at the 1999 X-Games. The trick involves rotating the board two and a half times while midair (and in normal gravity), and Hawk struggled with it back in his spry days. Now 48, he gives it another crack. Read More >>

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Skateboarding in Zero Gravity Is Tony Hawk’s Best Trick Yet

Among his many accomplishments, Tony Hawk is probably best known for landing the first 900 during an official competition at the X-Games. But watching him attempt countless skateboard tricks while floating in zero gravity in a vomit comet is yet another reason to be impressed with his skills. Especially since he appears to keep his lunch down during the whole thing. [YouTube via Hypebeast] Read More >>

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This 12-Year-Old’s Skateboarding Skills Defy Reason

Riding three skateboards is hard. Riding a skateboard sideways on top of another skateboard is really hard. You might think this is building toward something — but nope, I’m just pointing out that Isamu Yamamoto is an actual wizard on a skateboard. And he’s only 12 years old. Read More >>

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You’ve Never Seen Skateboard Tricks Like This

Thrasher Magazine recently posted this incredible compilation of New Zealand skateboarder Richie Jackson performing tricks you’ve probably never seen anyone do before. Read More >>

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Tony Hawk Soars Through the First Ever Skateboard Horizontal Loop

Skateboarder extraordinaire Tony Hawk is 47 years old and he’s still setting the bar for board-based stunts. Watch in wonder as he pulls off the first ever horizontal loop ever executed on a skateboard. Read More >>

Lexus Hoverboard Works, is Real, Would Make Marty McFly Squeal

Where we're going, we don't need roads. But we will need some kneepads and a crash helmet. The hoverboard, immortalized in 1989's Back to the Future II, has been the fictional transportation system most lusted over by sci-fi geeks and extreme sports enthusiasts since Marty McFly took it out for a spin on the mean streets of the future. And now it's real, and we have car makers Lexus to thank for it. Read More >>

These Spring-Loaded Skate Trucks Make Me Wish I Knew How to Skateboard 

Skateboard suspension is an idea that sounds long overdue—modern skateboarding is a lot rougher than it was when my parents were young. Professional riders fly through the air, grind across metal rails and land on hard concrete after jumping down enormous flights of stairs. They do it all without suspension, forcing them to make hard, impactful landings. It sounds unpleasant. Read More >>

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Skateboarder Zips Down Mountains and Flys by Cars at Insane Speeds

He's going down the mountain road so fast that it looks like he's about to hit warp speed. I mean, damn. It seems like one little pebble on the road or one little shift in the wrong direction and he'd be catapulted off the side of the road. But he manages to hang on at ridiculous speeds. Read More >>

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The Hardest Part of Skateboarding is Not Getting Hit By Your Camera Drone

"Yo dude, it would be badass if we used a quadcopter and a GoPro to get good air footage of ourselves. Dude, don't worry, it's gonna be great." Read More >>

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This Skateboarding Video Isn’t Real

You've never seen a skateboarding video with angles like this. As skateboarder Danny Brady goes in for his trick, you'll see a slow motion, almost bullet-timed view of him. But. It's not real. As incredibly detailed as it is, it's all fake. You won't believe it. Read More >>