Famous ‘Lovers of Modena’ Skeletons Were Young Men, New Analysis Finds

A new analysis of the Lovers of Modena – a pair of 1,600-year-old skeletons found buried with their hands clasped together – reveals the pair as being male, in a discovery unique to archaeology. Read More >>

Which Eccentric Millionaire Will Buy This Nearly Complete Diplodocus Skeleton That’s Going Up for Auction?

Thanks to modern palaeontology techniques, finding dinosaur fossils isn’t as difficult or random as it once was. There are now more skeletons to go around, but unfortunately, based on an upcoming auction at the Parisian auction house Aguttes, you’ll still need a couple million dollars of disposable cash to add a dinosaur to your private collection. Read More >>

Medieval Skeleton Wearing Leather Thigh-High Boots Found in River Thames

Archaeologists in London have uncovered a dramatic 500-year-old male skeleton lying face-down in the mud of the River Thames. Extraordinarily, the skeleton is still wearing his thigh-high leather boots. Read More >>

‘Alien’ Mummy Found in Atacama Desert Is Actually a Tiny, Mutated Human

Back in 2003, a strange skeleton was discovered in a deserted Chilean town in the Atacama Desert. Featuring an elongated skull, sunken eye sockets, and an impossibly tiny body, some suggested it was of extraterrestrial origin. An updated genetic analysis confirms the skeleton as being human—but with an unprecedented variety of mutations. Read More >>

The Haunting Face of a Man Who Lived 700 Years Ago

This may look like a photograph, but the highly realistic face staring back at you belongs to a man who died over 700 years ago. The researchers who performed this unbelievable facial reconstruction say their work is providing new details about the way ordinary people lived in medieval England. Read More >>

Museum Finds Real Human Skull in 150-Year-Old Taxidermy Display

For more than a century, the taxidermy diorama “Arab Courier Attacked by Lions” has stood in Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Depicting a man on camelback fending off Barbary lions, the bizarre display has intrigued—and repulsed—generations of visitors. Throughout all those years, however, the piece managed to keep a disturbing secret. Read More >>

This Dodo Skeleton Just Sold for Nearly £350,000

At an auction held earlier yesterday in the United Kingdom, a 95-per-cent-complete skeleton of an extinct dodo bird that was painstakingly assembled over the course of 40 years has sold to an unnamed private collector for a whopping £346,300. Read More >>

Archaeologists Discover Skeletons in Ancient, Ransacked Pompeii Shop

Pompeii is already an archaeological gold mine, but a rare discovery this week in the ancient city has added to that collection. Read More >>

Natural History Museum’s Diplodocus Sacked and Replaced by Blue Whale

The massive diplodocus replica that has stood inside the Natural History Museum since 1979 is being disassembled and moved on, so the entrance hall can host an equally enormous blue whale skeleton instead. Read More >>

Of Course Hammacher Will Sell You an Amazing Full-Size T-Rex Skeleton

Proving that it will always have what it takes to compete with the likes of Neiman Marcus when it comes to obscene gift ideas, Hammacher Schlemmer has revealed this beauty for the 2014 holiday season: a $100,000/£62,572 life-size replica of a 40-foot long T-rex skeleton that stands 15-feet tall. Good luck hiding that under the tree. Read More >>

Ghostly Neon Skeleton Is a Macabre Addition To Your Man Cave

A glowing neon beer sign helps set a festive mood in your man cave. Unless you're going for more of a goth-like feeling of despair and hopelessness. In that case you'll totally want Eric Franklin's glowing skeleton sculpture hanging over your bar. Read More >>

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How to Put a Skeleton Back Together

Ever wondered how you put a skeleton back together? The Museum of London’s Mike Henderson shows you how in this amazing, yet creepy stop motion video of how an osteologist puts a skeleton back together. Read More >>