Watch a Parachuting Skier Take Flight Moments Before an Avalanche Buries Him Alive

Downhill skiers hit tremendous speeds as they race down a mountain, but it’s still not fast enough to outrun an avalanche. Fortunately for Maxence Cavalade, the parachute he was using to speedride down Mont Charvet in France carried him to safety and probably saved his life. Read More >>

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US Olympians Are Using VR Headsets to Train for Pyeongchang

In her book The Imagineers of War, author Sharon Weinberger recounts one of the first deployments of simulation training: to improve America’s performance in a NATO mock tank battle that the US consistently performed poorly in, nicknamed the Canadian Army Trophy. After implementing DARPA’s rudimentary gaming-as-training regimen, the US won. Three decades later, the US Ski and Snowboard Association is using VR training in what could serve as a repeat of that result. Read More >>

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Watch a Skier Almost Hit People on a Ski Lift While Doing a Double Backflip

I’m not 100% sure the skier in the video didn’t clip his head on the boots of the people sitting on the ski lift but even if he did, he’s still bad ass enough to complete a casual double backflip off a wild jump. I’ve watched the video multiple times and it’s totally nuts because after he completes the first flip he’s basically eye level with the lift and yet he kept on spinning to nail the trick. The distance he travels in the air is sick. [Newschoolers via Digg] Read More >>

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Skiing Through These Ice Caves on a Glacier Looks Majestic

Watching Sam Favret ski through Mer de Glace makes me think that there probably aren’t too many places in the world that are more fun to ski than that beautiful valley glacier in the Mont-Blanc massif in the French Alps. There are all these narrow pathways to zip through with huge ice walls surrounding you, little mysterious ice caves to explore, and makeshift ice halfpipes and ramps to pull tricks off of. Sure, crashing would hurt like hell but the views are incredible. Read More >>

Careening Down a Mountain on Glowing Skis is Dangerously Beautiful

You’d think that professional skier Mathieu Bijasson would be a little more careful after having his first kid. But now that he’s a dad, apparently skiing down a mountain on a pair of glowing skis in the middle of the night is how he chooses to spend his time while his kid sleeps. Read More >>

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A New Machine Lets Ski Resorts Make Snow Even When it’s 30+ Degrees Outside

If the only reason you’re worried about global warming is that it will mean a shorter ski season, you can go ahead and buy that petrol-guzzling would-be tank you’ve been eyeing. A new type of snow machine can churn out the white stuff when it’s as hot as 32 degrees outside, and it uses way less water in the process. Read More >>

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The World’s Longest Rail Slide on Skis Feels Like It Goes on Forever

With a GoPro camera strapped to his chest providing a first-person view of the stunt, skier Tom Wallisch shattered the previous rail sliding record of 241 feet with this epic 424 feet long run that saw him fighting to maintain balance on a pair of skis while sliding along at 36 miles per hour. Read More >>

Ski Jumping On a Ziplining Bungee Sounds Fundamentally Unsafe

Look, I’m sure a large team of well-trained ropework professionals have decided that ski jumping while attached to a bungee line, attached to a zipline, is a safe thing to do. But every single part of my brain involved with self-preservation is telling me it’s a bad idea. Read More >>

Swinging an iPhone Around Your Head Produces Stunningly Unique Footage of a Ski Run

Drones and GoPros have been responsible for some of the most amazing footage of extreme sports over the past few years. But Nicolas Vuignier has come up with a brilliantly simple way to use his iPhone to capture some truly remarkable footage of him skiing down a snow-covered mountain. Read More >>

Stupid Drone 

Austrian World Cup skier Marcel Hirscher came inches from death this week, as a TV drone fell from the sky during a slalom race. The four-time world champion was just 10 seconds into the race at Madonna di Campiglio in Italy as the UAV crashed into the snow right behind him and smashed to pieces. Read More >>

PIQ’s New Skiing Sensor Will Analyse Your Speed, Turns and Landings

You’ll soon be able to compete with your rich, banter-loving mates in the ski stakes, with PIQ having teamed up with Rossignol Group to create a tracker/strap combo specifically for slope-hitters. PIQ's little sensor sticks to your special ski boots and lets you monitor a range of performance metrics, including edge to edge speed, G force, carving angle/air time, G force at landing and rotation, all while dodging trees and having the time of your life. Read More >>

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This is the Most Beautiful Ski Run I’ve Ever Seen

There have been other great alpine ski runs. More epic, difficult, or far more dangerous but this one, by the World Champion alpine skier Marcel Hirscher, is the prettiest and most colourful I've ever seen—and it's environmentally friendly. They claim they only used 100% natural materials to make the colour effects. Read More >>

A Behind-The-Scenes Look at the (Awesome) Life of a Ski Photographer

Photographing backcountry skiing isn't the easiest of jobs — mess up the shot, and you've got a lot of hiking to do again (not to mention the wasted powder). But it also has its benefits, like skiing endless laps of perfect snow. Read More >>