The Best Way to Apply Suncream on Your Face, Revealed by a UV Camera

I am a bit of a suncream fanatic. My morning and midday suncream applications are ritualistic in nature, and I love trying out new products that claim to shield my precious skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Luckily for me (and unluckily for my wallet), there are a menagerie of sunscreen products on the market these days: sticks, sprays, lotions, powders, and more. Read More >>

Why Your SPF 15 Sunscreen Probably Isn’t Enough to Protect You From the Sun

Are you always careful to apply sunscreen before a day outdoors, but find yourself getting burned anyway? It might be due to your application technique. Dermatologists say that most people don’t put on a thick enough layer sunscreen, and new research – in which scientists put varying amounts of sunscreen on volunteers’ butts – shows how those thin applications of sunscreen fail to provide the SPF listed on the bottle. Read More >>

This Wi-Fi Network Only Works in the Shade to Protect You From Skin Cancer

A new means of internet connectivity is about to present beach-goers with a choice between internet connectivity or tanning. Read More >>

A Bracelet to Keep You Safe From the Sun and Tell You What SPF to Use

Neatmo is slowly creating a reputation for itself of combining smart sensors with neat design, having recently teamed up with Philippe Starck to produce a sleek wireless thermostat. Now, it's joined forces with Louis Vuitton to produce a bracelet that'll keep you safe in the sun. Read More >>

Are You Ready to Trust an iPhone App for Skin Cancer Diagnosis?

The cameras on our smartphones have come a lonnnnnng way. In fact, many people rely on their iPhones as the primary device for non-professional photography. But are these cameras yet good enough, clear and colour-accurate enough, to trust when the results could literally be a matter of life or death? Read More >>