Skrillex Quest
Nuke Your Thursday Afternoon With This Great Zelda-Meets-Skrillex Time Waster

It's Thursday. It's drab and grey outside, and that's only if you're lucky enough to not be flooded out. Take the mundane away with this surprisingly good dubstep-meet-Zelda mashup game, Skrillex Quest. Just make sure you plug your headphones in, because this thing is proper loud. Read More >>

See Old Man Branson Taught Dubstep DJing by Noisy Youth Skrillex

As well as being the first man on Mars, running aeroplane fleets, blogging about trains, owning banks and probably even encouraging his children to make a bit on the side by coldly eBaying their childhood toys, Richard Branson now has a new business venture -- Dubstep DJ. Read More >>