Sky Mobile Adds the Samsung A90 5G to Its 5G Lineup Ahead of the November Launch

Sky Mobile has announced its extended launch lineup of 5G handsets. Read More >>

Sky Mobile Now Sells a Smartwatch for Kids

Do your kids need smartphones or tablets? Debatable, and the answer depends on who you talk to and how highly they think of smartphones as a whole. Do kids aged 5-12 need a smartwatch? No, but Sky Mobile is now stocking kid-targeted smartwatches anyway. Read More >>

Sky Mobile Announces Plans for Its 5G Rollout Later This Year

Sky Mobile is jumping on the 5G bandwagon, because its customers will sack it off eventually if it doesn't, with plans to go live this November. Read More >>

Sky Mobile is Giving All of its Customers Free Unlimited Data This Weekend

To celebrate its one million customer milestone, Sky Mobile is giving away free unlimited mobile data this weekend so you can stream as much HD porn as you like without eating into your data. Read More >>

Sky Mobile Customers Can Now Stream TV Without Using Data

It might not be one of the 'big four' networks in the UK, but Sky Mobile customers are probably feeling quite smug about their choice now. The network has just upgraded its Sky Watch offer, now a major perk whereby you can stream TV, film and sports on your mobile connection without using any of your data. Read More >>

Sky Mobile’s Christmas Deals are Here, and One of Them Includes a Free PS4

Black Friday is far from over, but since most of you still have Christmas shopping to do there are still plenty of ways to get yourself some sort of bargain before Christmas day rolls around. Some of them were announced a few weeks ago, but now Sky Mobile has unveiled its own Christmas deals - and one of them gets you a free games console. Read More >>

Here Are The Best iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max UK Contract Deals

The day is here: the day that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max can be pre-ordered. If you're lucky and act fast, you'll be able to get your hands on Apple's latest handset next Friday, 21st September, when it officially releases. Read More >>

Here’s All Of The UK Networks That Will Be Selling The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

Announced yesterday, the successor to the iPhone X is just around the corner. The iPhone XS, and its bigger brother, the iPhone XS Max, will be available from next Friday, 21st September. Pre-orders start for the handsets tomorrow, 14th September. The cheaper new iPhone, the iPhone XR, will be available on 26th October, with pre-orders starting on the 19th. But some UK networks are letting customers pre-register their interest right now. Read More >>

Sky Mobile Just Made Sure it Can Offer 5G as Soon as O2 Does

5G is coming. We've all heard the announcements and headlines telling us UK networks are set to start launching their own 5G services in 2019 and 2020, but that's about all we know. There's no word on the speed of rollout, or when the smaller networks will start offering the next gen services. Fortunately Sky Mobile has just made sure it'll be able to offer 5G as soon as O2 does. Read More >>

Sky Mobile’s Piggybank Rewards Lets You Spend Your Unused Data on New Gadgets

One of Sky Mobile's biggest selling points is the fact that it's very generous its data allowances. Or rather it rather generously lets you keep anything you haven't used at the end of the month, and claim it back at a later date - provided you meet reclamation criteria in the T&Cs. Now the network is going a step further, by letting you save up your unused data and spend it on new gadgets. Read More >>

Sky Mobile Now has Wi-Fi Calling, But Only on One Phone

Sky Mobile has just announced that it's launched Wi-Fi calling, so people can call and text even if the local phone signal is rubbish. It's free, but the downside is the feature is only available to people with one specific handset: the Xperia XZ1. Read More >>

One of Sky Mobile’s Tom Hardy Adverts Has Been Banned for Being Misleading

If you've watched live TV or been to the cinema recently you might have seen the Sky Mobile advert featuring Tom Hardy talking about swapping your phone after 12 months. Not the one with the sugar cubes, the one with Tom Hardy walking along the coast. Well that advert just got banned by the Advertising Standards Authority. Read More >>

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus: All The UK Network Deals Announced So Far

Unveiled earlier this week, the iPhone and iPhone 8 Plus will be available to buy from 22nd September. You can already preorder them from a number of retailers though — and if you're thinking of trading in your now-archaic iPhone 7, here are the deals that UK networks have announced so far. Read More >>

Sky Mobile’s New Service is Dirt Cheap

Sky likes to keep its punters sweet, and offering a very low cost mobile service is a good way to do that. Today's new deal offers 500mb of data with unlimited calls and texts for just £5 per month. Sky is pitching it as ideal for users who aren't bothered about using data on the go, and those who have constant access to Wi-Fi. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Sky Mobile

Sky has just announced that Sky Mobile is now open to everyone, and that means we can all get some of the most flexible features we've seen in the UK. It allows you to roll over unused data for free, switch between plans whenever you like and comes with a couple of perks for existing Sky customers. Read More >>