The New Sky Go App Lets You Watch Your Recordings on the Go

Sky has launched an update to its Sky Go App for Sky TV customers that lets you watch all your favourite bits of telly - even recordings - on the go. Read More >>

Sky TV Customers Are About To Lose 13 Channels

If you're a Sky or NowTV customer, you might want to get your phone ready to make some disgruntled calls: come 1st February, it's very likely that all channels owned by Discovery Communications are going to be axed from your package. Read More >>

Sky Q: Questions That Need Answering Before the Luxury 4K TV Service Launches

There's no denying that today's Sky TV launch was impressive. Sky Q, the new luxury service from the satellite TV provider, seems to have it all. We've compiled all you need to know about the new interface and hardware in our Sky Q guide. But, in a nutshell, it's as comprehensive as you could ask from a modern TV service, with fully integrated internet viewing options, a sleek new interface (and touch remote to navigate it with), multi-screen on-the-go options and smart networking hardware features that will boost your Wi-Fi signal around the house. Read More >>

Sky TV Subscription Prices are Going Up

One of the pricier TV packages out there, you get what you pay for with Sky -- the latest blockbusters, the most Premier League football matches and the best EPG/PVR interface out there. But maintaining that service doesn't come cheap -- Sky forked out a staggering £4.2 billion at the last auction of Premier League broadcasting rights. Then it has to maintain exclusivity of HBO shows including Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire, as well as putting money into its own productions such as Penny Dreadful and Fortitude. Read More >>

Sky Go On-the-Go TV Streaming Goes Up an Extra 14 Channels

If you like to take your TV show viewing on the road with you, you'll be pleased to hear that Sky has updated its Sky Go app to include a further 14 channels, bringing the overall on-the-go streaming count up to 57 channels. Read More >>