game of thrones
Game of Thrones Is Very Popular And Often Pirated, A Shock Survey Reveals

In news as surprising as "water is wet" and "fire is hot" it turns out that one of the world's most popular TV show is also the most pirated. One estimate suggests that 3.7 million people will illegally watch the programme, which returned for its seventh and penultimate season last night. Read More >>

Everyone Too Afraid Of Murdoch To Be The One To Tell Him He Can’t Have Sky

Culture secretary Karen Bradley has said she wants to refer the sale of Sky to 21st Century Fox. The decision comes as Ofcom admitted it was worried about a "risk of increased influence by members of the Murdoch family trust over the UK news agenda". Read More >>

Sky and F1 Owners Back Drone Racing

The powers that think they have the clout to decide what we like are going in big on the Drone Racing League, with a conglomerate of backers -- including Sky and F1's new owner Liberty Media -- pumping more millions into the sport they hope might be the next big thing. Read More >>

mergers and acquisitions
Murdoch Brothers Seek To Prove Trustworthiness By Having Secret Talks About Sky Bid

Despite being media publishers, the Murdoch family themselves tend to like to do business without shouting about it. Rupert Murdoch has previously held secret meetings with Theresa May in New York and David Cameron numerous times away from the public gaze at 10 Downing Street. And like father, like sons it has today emerged that James and Lachlan Murdoch have been playing secret squirrels over at Ofcom HQ. Read More >>

Amazon Channels: Great For You, Bad For Sky & Virgin

Before on-demand viewing became a thing, pay TV was a lucrative business for Sky and Virgin Media. If you wanted multi-channel viewing, they were the only plausible options. New competitors were few and far between, because building your own satellite or cable infrastructure is hard to do. Read More >>

Amazon Has Invented TV Channels

Having persuaded us all to call up Sky and cancel our contracts by blowing a raspberry, Amazon has now decided that this "TV channel thing" might have legs. So today it's introducing Amazon Channels in the UK, and bringing TV channels to our dilapidated shores. Read More >>

David Attenborough Is Being Turned Into A Hologram

Great news for anyone worried by the fact that Sir David Attenborough is 90, as Sky has announced plans to turn the world's greatest natural history broadcaster into a virtual reality hologram. Read More >>

You Can Now Search Sky By Saying “I’ll Have What She’s Having”

As we were promised earlier in the year, Sky has added voice search to its Sky Q service, and it comes with some fun extras for showing off when your friends come over. Read More >>

You’ll Soon Be Able To Talk To Your Sky Q Box

In a presentation to industry bods, Sky has revealed that its plans for this year include adding voice search and later, full voice control to its Sky Q boxes. Read More >>

Sky TV Customers Are About To Lose 13 Channels

If you're a Sky or NowTV customer, you might want to get your phone ready to make some disgruntled calls: come 1st February, it's very likely that all channels owned by Discovery Communications are going to be axed from your package. Read More >>

Sky Announces Sky Q Without A Satellite Dish

Enormous news this morning for the future of TV, as Sky has announced plans to make Sky Q, it's flagship 4K and HD subscription service, work over broadband rather than by requiring a satellite dish to be bolted to the side of your house. Read More >>

Sky Cancels its White Michael Jackson Comedy

Sky's arty channel Sky Arts thought it got all the controversy out of the way last year, when it announced it had commissioned a comedy drama in which white actor Joseph Fiennes was to play the part of late-stage Michael Jackson. There was a bit of fuss, but that was nothing compared with the furore that kicked off when the trailer for Urban Myths it came out this week. Read More >>

Super-Flexible Sky Mobile is Now Open to Everyone

Sky Mobile is now available to everyone in the UK, following its November unveiling. It was initially only open to pre-registered consumers and existing Sky TV customers, but now anyone can take advantage of its excellent data rollover feature. Read More >>

Sky’s Advertised Broadband Speeds Are Set to Fall Today

Sky has announced a change in approach to advertised broadband speeds, and says it will -- from today -- start highlighting average download speeds to customers. Read More >>

sky q 4k
Sky TV Has Got You Some Virtual Box Sets for Christmas

Sky would like people with subscriptions to its TV services to think they're about to get something for nothing this Christmas, as an array of its box set content will be made available for everyone to stream endlessly from Christmas Eve. Read More >>