Fox’s Proposed Takeover of Sky is ‘Not in the Public Interest’

Fox currently has a 39% stake in Sky, and has been trying to buy the remaining 61%. However, the Competition and Markets Authority in the UK (the CMA) has said such a deal would not be in the public interest thanks to media plurality. Read More >>

BT and Sky Sign BT Sport/Sky Sports Content Swap Deal

People who actually use BT TV -- instead of just getting angry about how much money the company is investing in it instead of making the internet better -- are in for a treat, as BT and Sky have signed a deal to allow both their sets of subscribers to access previously exclusive content through each others' networks. It's like they're friends now, although Sky's almost certainly only pretending and waiting for BT to give up. Read More >>

Sky is Launching a New Channel that Will Only Show Superhero Movies

If you can't get enough of all the superhero movies that are hitting the cinema, and why wouldn't you, you'll be happy to hear that Sky is launching a brand new channel that show nothing but the costumed antics of various film stars. Read More >>

Sky’s Launching its Three Christmas Movie Channels From Next Week

Halloween is over, and unless you count Black Friday as a national holiday there's nothing stopped everyone from going full on Christmas. Sky is sticking with its annual traditions, and has announced that three new movie channels will be available to subscribers over the Christmas period - starting next week. Read More >>

Sky’s Buy & Keep Has Added Blu-rays and Digital Downloads

A while back Sky launched something called 'Buy & Keep' which basically meant that if you purchased a digital copy of a film you could also get a DVD sent to you in the post. Which was a nice idea, since DVDs don't always come with digital copies, and means you can enjoy both without having to rip the disc. Read More >>

Sky Sports Kodi Streamer Made Example of With £16k Fine

A Sky subscriber who streamed his precious sporting stuff to a wider audience via the internet and those hot potato Kodi boxes has been hit with a large fine for doing so, with the high court asking him to pay Sky around £16,000 by way of an apology for rebroadcasting its live streams. Read More >>

Sky Q’s Voice Search Just Got a Much-Needed Improvement

Given how much it actually costs to get Sky Q, you'd expect it to be pretty much perfect. But as is the way with, well, everything, there are always improvements to be made. Sky just revealed a bunch of new ones for its premium-tier service, including a very helpful improvement to voice search. Read More >>

Karl Pilkington is Coming Back to Our TV Screens

Karl Pilkington, who made a name for himself being Ricky Gervais' guinea pig, is coming back to our TV screens — this time in a sitcom where he plays a version of himself. Read More >>

Sky Launches a Sci-Fi Film Channel, But Only for a Month

Some advertising or marketing machinations probably involving the promotional budgets of Star Wars or Blade Runner are afoot, with the result being that Sky Cinema subscribers are to have a free extra sci-fi channel for the month of September and the first week of October. Read More >>

Sky Guarantees Minimum Fibre Speed for New Buyers

Potential new signer-uppers to Sky's Fibre Max superfast broadband product have a nice little carrot dangling in front of them today, as the ISP part of the broadcaster is now guaranteeing a minimum connection speed for joiners. Read More >>

Some Sky and TalkTalk Internet is Down Because Rats Made a Meal Out of the Cables

Sky and TalkTalk customers in South London are in a bit of a bind today, because their internet was down. The cause of the outage? Rats chewing through the cables. Read More >>

Sky Q’s Dolby Atmos Support Arrives Just in Time for the Football Season

A few weeks ago, when Sky announced its own soundbar, it was revealed that Dolby Atmos support was coming to Sky Q. At the time the broadcaster wouldn't say when it was arriving, other than an unhelpful 'summer' release window. That's changed, because support will be arriving on the service for tomorrow, when Arsenal faces off against Leicester. Read More >>

Sky’s New VIP Programme Will Give You Free Stuff if You Don’t Cancel Your Subscription

You know the drill. You ring up Sky declaring that your subscription is too expensive, and that you'd like to leave and give your money to someone else. Then Sky offers you some sort of discount or extra benefits in an attempt to keep you on as a customer. So you stay and continue to give them your cash. Well after today those calls might be a bit different. Read More >>

Sky and HBO Turn Chernobyl Disaster into a TV Thriller

A deal between football purveyor Sky and American tits specialist HBO is about to deliver its first jointly produced product, which is a drama set in the immediate aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear power station accident. It'll be called Chernobyl to make that extremely clear. Read More >>

Sky Getting Into The Speaker Business With Its New Soundbox

Sky has done a deal with high-end speaker company Devialet to produce a soundbar co-branded by the two firms. The speaker will retail for a fairly staggering £799, but there's good news. Current Sky customers will get the speaker for £299 and Sky Q Multiscreen punters will pay just £249. Read More >>