Netflix’s Subscriber Numbers Should Overtake Sky’s by Christmas

A particularly boring mainstream TV offering could be the trigger for Netflix subscribers to overtake Sky account holder numbers this week, with one TV analyst thinking the end of 2018 could see the streaming new-ish-comer overtake the ageing dish dinosaur. Read More >>

Sky Mobile’s Christmas Deals are Here, and One of Them Includes a Free PS4

Black Friday is far from over, but since most of you still have Christmas shopping to do there are still plenty of ways to get yourself some sort of bargain before Christmas day rolls around. Some of them were announced a few weeks ago, but now Sky Mobile has unveiled its own Christmas deals - and one of them gets you a free games console. Read More >>

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Upgrade to Sky Q This Black Friday and Get a Free 43-inch 4K TV for Your Trouble

Everyone has to celebrate Black Friday, and when all your biggest rivals are knocking money off their plans then you can't afford to ignore the annual shopping day. I'm guessing that's what Sky has been thinking, anyway, because it's just gone and announced a bunch of Black Friday deals. Deals on Sky Q and its own personal mobile network. Let's take a look at what's on offer. Read More >>

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Here Are Your Now TV Black Friday Deals

Literally everyone is doing Black Friday deals this year (except our landlords, ho ho), and Now TV have just thrown their proverbial hat into the ring with a whole list of deals for you telly fans out there. Read More >>

Comcast is Buying Fox’s Existing Stake in Sky for $15 Billion

For years Rupert Murdoch and Fox have been working on trying to buy out the remaining 61 per cent of Sky that the law said couldn't be bought. Recently the law and regulators decided it was just dandy for Murdoch to try his hand at a full takeover, only for Comcast to swoop in with a better offer that inevitably led to Sky shareholders deciding the US cable giant was the way to go. Now, Fox and its new overlords Disney have agreed to sell the remaining 39 per cent of Sky to Comcast for the princely sum of $15 billion. Read More >>

Watch Sky Sports On Your Phone For Just £6 a Month With Now TV

Now TV, the streaming service operated by Sky, has just announced a new monthly pass: Sky Sports Mobile. Priced at £5.99 a month, it gives subscribers access to four Sky Sports channels on their mobile device. Read More >>

Netflix is Finally Coming to Sky Q As Part of ‘Ultimate On Demand’

We originally reported that a partnership between Netflix and Sky was on the way back in March, but nothing has really happened since then. The launch is finally just around the corner though – Sky Q customers will soon be able to subscribe to an 'Ultimate On Demand' service, which features Sky's existing catch-up and box set services alongside Netflix, in one seamless package. Read More >>

Pay For Sky TV and Spotify Premium Together If You Have Sky Q

Is your Sky TV bill too small? Do you want to add more itemised purchases to it? Now you can! Earlier in the year, Sky added the music streaming service Spotify to Sky Q. And now customers who subscribe to Spotify Premium can pay for that right in their Sky bill, with no need for two separate subscriptions. Read More >>

Channel 4 Will Show One (1) Live F1 Race Next Year

The pay TV giants at Sky have thrown a little bone to terrestrial broadcaster Channel 4, with a content swap deal seeing some C4 productions head to Sky to be shown as box set collections -- in return for Channel 4 being allowed to show one F1 race in full, live, in 2019. Read More >>

Now TV Would Like You to Watch Football, so its Discounted the 10 Month Sports Pass

I don't pay attention to football if I can help it, so being told that the new season is upon us is news to me. The people who care probably already know that, but what you don't already know is that Sky is willing to go to great lengths to have you hand over your money to watch sportball games on one of its own platforms. That's why the Now TV 10 month sports pass has had a 45 per cent price cut. Read More >>

Sky’s Using Analytics Data To Work Out Which Pirate Sites to Block

Sky, like other internet providers, has an obligation to block piracy-enabling sites for a variety of reasons - be they court orders or injunctions handed down by the Premier League. Being a broadcaster, with a particular interest in getting people to pay for their sports, it's hard to imagine Sky would have any objection to this, but it's not always an easy task. So it's turning to analytics data to stay on top of things. Read More >>

People Complain Most About TalkTalk and Least About Sky When It Comes to Broadband and Landlines

As British people, we like to complain about stuff. And today, Ofcom has released a set of data showing exactly what we do – and don't – complain about, at least in terms of telecoms and television services. Read More >>

Now TV’s Latest Sports Pass Lets You Watch Men Hit Tiny Balls With Sticks

If you want to watch lots of sport, but don't want to shell out for Sky TV, the only real (legal) option is to go for Now TV and its sports passes. Those can be quite expensive if you buy them repeatedly, but if you're a golf fan you're in luck, because Sky has launched a Golf-centric pass so you can watch golf all summer long for a fraction of the cost. Read More >>

Sky Celebrates the Royal Wedding With Discounted Sky Q and a Half Price LG TV

Whenever there's an excuse for companies to peddle extra stuff you didn't think you wanted, they will. Whether it's Star Wars day, Valentine's Day, or because a member of the Royal Family is getting married. That's exactly what Sky is doing anyway, trying to flog subscriptions to Sky Q using the Royal Wedding as an excuse. Read More >>

Sky Will Celebrate the Royal Wedding by Broadcasting it in 4K With Sky Q

If you want to watch TV on 19th May, your options for watching anything other than a man and woman getting married are dwindling quite quickly. Sky has just announced that it too will be joining in the Royal Wedding celebrations, by revealing it will be broadcasting the entire thing live and in 4K UHD resolution. Read More >>