You Can Now Get Sky Q and Netflix for £25 a Month

Normally Sky Q would cost you £34 a month, and if you wanted to add Netflix on top of it you'd have to pay up an extra £10-£12 depending on which Netflix plan you wanted to get. But now, for a limited time Sky is offering the two for just £25 a month. Read More >>

It Looks Like Sky is Rolling out a New Booster as Part of an Unannounced WiFi Guarantee Service

A new booster device was spotted over on Sky's website for its Sky Q customers but was swiftly taken down, indicating the company may have some more new services on the way. Read More >>

Sky Has Launched Ultrafast Broadband With Speeds up to 12 Times Faster Than Crappy Normal Broadband

Sky is launching a new Ultrafast broadband that offers speeds up to 12 times faster than its standard broadband, which sounds like garbage by comparison now. Read More >>

The New Sky Go App Lets You Watch Your Recordings on the Go

Sky has launched an update to its Sky Go App for Sky TV customers that lets you watch all your favourite bits of telly - even recordings - on the go. Read More >>

Sky Mobile Now Sells a Smartwatch for Kids

Do your kids need smartphones or tablets? Debatable, and the answer depends on who you talk to and how highly they think of smartphones as a whole. Do kids aged 5-12 need a smartwatch? No, but Sky Mobile is now stocking kid-targeted smartwatches anyway. Read More >>

Now TV is Celebrating American Pie’s 20th Anniversary With a Pop-up Pie Shop and Stifler’s Mum

Yep, you read that right. Stifler's mum will be serving up piping hot apple pie at a pop-up shop in London next week. Read More >>

Sky and Virgin Media Sign a New Multi-Year Deal That Covers UHD and 4K Content

Virgin Media customers will be pleased to hear that the partnership with Sky is being extended, with the added bonus of UHD/4K programming. Read More >>

Sky Mobile is Giving All of its Customers Free Unlimited Data This Weekend

To celebrate its one million customer milestone, Sky Mobile is giving away free unlimited mobile data this weekend so you can stream as much HD porn as you like without eating into your data. Read More >>

Sky’s New Buddy App Lets Parents Put a Choke-Hold on Their Family’s Internet Usage

Sky has launched a new app alongside its Sky Boost broadband package that will give parents more control over what their kids are up to on the internet, with the ability to manage access to apps and websites, as well as wielding the ultimate power of pausing the internet on a whim. Maybe little Tommy will think twice before he eats the last of the Easter egg stash again. Let that be a warning for next year. Read More >>

Sky Broadband Firmware Update Could Break Your Internet

A firmware update for routers is causing internet outages for some Sky Broadband customers. Read More >>

Sky and Now TV Now Let You Stream to Six Devices

How much TV can one household watch? Well, if you have Sky or Now TV, the answer is apparently "insane amounts." Read More >>

Netflix’s Subscriber Numbers Should Overtake Sky’s by Christmas

A particularly boring mainstream TV offering could be the trigger for Netflix subscribers to overtake Sky account holder numbers this week, with one TV analyst thinking the end of 2018 could see the streaming new-ish-comer overtake the ageing dish dinosaur. Read More >>

Sky Mobile’s Christmas Deals are Here, and One of Them Includes a Free PS4

Black Friday is far from over, but since most of you still have Christmas shopping to do there are still plenty of ways to get yourself some sort of bargain before Christmas day rolls around. Some of them were announced a few weeks ago, but now Sky Mobile has unveiled its own Christmas deals - and one of them gets you a free games console. Read More >>

black friday
Upgrade to Sky Q This Black Friday and Get a Free 43-inch 4K TV for Your Trouble

Everyone has to celebrate Black Friday, and when all your biggest rivals are knocking money off their plans then you can't afford to ignore the annual shopping day. I'm guessing that's what Sky has been thinking, anyway, because it's just gone and announced a bunch of Black Friday deals. Deals on Sky Q and its own personal mobile network. Let's take a look at what's on offer. Read More >>

black friday
Here Are Your Now TV Black Friday Deals

Literally everyone is doing Black Friday deals this year (except our landlords, ho ho), and Now TV have just thrown their proverbial hat into the ring with a whole list of deals for you telly fans out there. Read More >>