Indoor Virtual Skydiving Is Cool – But It Just Made Me Want to Jump Out of a Plane for Real

I rarely turn down the chance to try something new or strange. Reptile expo with live demos? Sounds great. Monster truck rally? Yea, why the hell not. Vape show in town? Sure, I’ll check it out. Indoor virtual reality skydiving? I AM THERE. Who cares that “indoor virtual reality skydiving” as a concept doesn’t make a lick of sense??? Let’s give it a rip!!! Read More >>

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We Should Definitely Replace the Olympics With These Badass Indoor Skydiving Wind Games

A few months ago we discovered synchronised wind tunnel dancing and hoped the event would become a real Olympic sport. But now we’ve discovered an annual competition for indoor skydiving athletes called the Wind Games, and we should probably just cancel the Olympic Games altogether and watch them instead. Read More >>

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Santa Claus is Coming to …*Splat*

He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He didn’t see that parked car though so you’re probably off the hook. Read More >>

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Watch a Daredevil in a Wingsuit Hit a Target at 120 MPH

Jumping out of a plane and soaring like an eagle while wearing a wingsuit isn’t for the faint of heart. But trying to hit a stationary target atop a mountain while flying at 120 miles per hour requires a whole other level of bravery, and maybe a dash of crazy? Whatever it takes, Miles Daisher makes it look like it’s a stunt he’s tried a thousand times before. [YouTube via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

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Base Jumping Into Clouds Is Like Leaping Off the Edge of the World

Jumping off the edge of a cliff takes a lot of guts. But jumping off the edge of a cliff when low-lying clouds make it impossible to see what’s beneath you? That requires a whole other level of bravery, and maybe a little insanity. Read More >>

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Watching Wingsuiters Base Jump Off This Steep Mountain Will Make You Terrified of Heights

I didn’t think I was scared of heights until I watched Clem Newell base jump off the side of this impossibly steep mountain in Switzerland and then glide miles above a small town while wearing a wingsuit. But after watching him skim across these peaks with his artificial wings I’m hesitant to even climb a flight of stairs without wearing a parachute. [YouTube via Likecool] Read More >>

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Watching a Go-Pro Camera Fall 10,000 Feet is Mesmerising

A Go-Pro camera was recently found outside of Kristianstad, Sweden, after its skydiving owner lost it during a jump. Remarkably, the camera was still functional, but even more incredible is the footage it captured during nearly 10,000 feet of descent. Read More >>

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Watch This Normal Guy Catch a Super Fun Ride on a Spaceship Back to Earth

The sad truth is that most of us will never be astronauts who can ride spaceships back to Earth. Here's one hilarious way we can pretend though: be like this genius prankster who brought a blow up spaceship with him on a skydiving jump from a hot air balloon. Yup, he rode a spaceship back to Earth. Read More >>

Skydivers in Two Planes Escaped After a Collision by…Skydiving

Two planes carrying skydivers had a midair collision last night over northwest Wisconsin near Lake Superior. But everyone survived because they were planning to skydive out anyway. Additionally, one pilot was able to eject and the other landed his plane safely, even though it was severely damaged. Read More >>

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Pulling Your Parachute While You’re Still on the Plane Is Not Fun

Wait for it. Wait for ittttt. Waaaitttt forrr itttt. Waai... and then boom, there it is. This poor guy accidentally deployed his parachute too early. So early that he was still on the plane. As you can imagine, he immediately got sucked out of the plane. It's like a scene from the movies, the parachute drags him out and you can see his body whip back. Scary. [Suigenesis via Digg Videos] Read More >>

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What Happens When You Try to Skydive With an Umbrella

Mary Poppins flew with a magical umbrella, but can you actually soar with one real life? Pretty much — provided you have the right umbrella, which pro skier Eric Roner did. He captured the crazy feat captured with a GoPro (Hero 3). Read More >>

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Skydiving, Like Everything Else, Is Even Crazier in Dubai

Dubai is full of unbelievable things like the tallest building in the world and a mall with a ski slope. It's pretty awesome, but you know what makes it even better? Skydiving over it. Read More >>

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Here’s What Happens When You Accidentally Drop a GoPro From 12,500 Feet

Warning: If you're epileptic, you might want to pass on this video. Read More >>

How You Photograph a Man Free-Falling From the Edge Of Space

Felix Baumgartner's upcoming and record setting 22.7-mile skydive has been hyped and promoted to the point that most of us just want him to jump already. But here's one bit of hoopla we're actually nerding out over—a look at all the wonderful camera gear that will be documenting the free fall. Read More >>

You’ll Never Want to Skydive After Watching This

An 80-year-old Brit named Laverne came startlingly close to death when things went horribly wrong during her maiden skydiving attempt. If the video doesn't deter you from ever jumping out of a plane, I don't know what will. Read More >>