Escape Cruel Reality for Three Minutes With This Glorious Desert Night Time Lapse

One of the simple wonders of living on a spinning ball with a thin atmosphere in a densely packed corner of space is the view. Many of us dream of settling down by a picturesque coastline or a rugged mountainscape, but we so often forget that the best scenery on planet Earth is located directly overhead. Read More >>

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The Gypsum Sandstorms of White Sands Are Gorgeous in New Timelapse

There’s nothing that makes you feel smaller than an expanse of nothing but sand and sky. Read More >>

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A Meteorite Explodes Over the Mojave in This Incredible Timelapse Video

It sometimes feels like Mars, Pluto, and planets beyond our solar system get all the attention. But let’s be real: Earth is the best damn planet period. And in case you’d forgotten it, this brilliant timelapse of the Mojave desert at night ought to remind you. Read More >>

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A Breathtaking View of the World’s Oldest River System

West Virginia is probably best known for coal mines, followed closely by pepperoni rolls. You know aspect of the state doesn’t get nearly enough attention? Its absolutely breathtaking scenery. Read More >>

This Timelapse Video of Radio Observatories is Just Breathtaking

With gold-plated space telescopes promising to discover distant worlds and unravel the deepest mysteries of the universe, radio astronomy can sometimes feel a bit passé. But lest you think the search for extraterrestrial intelligence is no longer sexy, a glorious new photo collection featuring radio observatories across the US would like to show you otherwise. Read More >>