Skyrim VR is Everything Wrong With Virtual Reality Right Now

As I powered up the PSVR to play the recently released Skyrim VR, I wondered whether this was yet another company’s lazy cash grab exploiting a new tech fad, or a genuine new step for the franchise. This was my third first time playing it. First released in 2011, the same exact game now had four releases across half a dozen systems, with only minor graphical upgrades. While the transition from PS3 to PS4 didn’t exactly leave me floored, it seemed the transition to VR could potentially be its most radical reformulation yet. Read More >>

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All the Best Swag You Need to Celebrate the Re-Release of Skyrim

Last week Bethesda went ahead and released a remastered version of the much-loved Skyrim. With improvements and optimisations to match the current generation systems, along with the much-coveted console mods. If you're a big fan of Skyrim, or the Elder Scrolls games in general, here are some bits you might want toget your hands on. Read More >>

The Music of Skyrim is Coming to the London Palladium

In a few weeks time, Skyrim: Special Edition arrives for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. To celebrate the re-release of a game that's already been out for five years, the London Palladium is hosting a concert featuring the music of the game on 16th November. Read More >>

An App Store for Video Game Worlds Gets the Chop

Perhaps you’ve heard a thing or two about “Valve” and “Skyrim” and “mods” over the past few days. What does it all mean? The company that built the world’s most successful video game proposed an app store to pay people for remixing and enhancing virtual worlds — and 100,000 angry internet denizens just shot down that idea. It’s a bit of a shame. Read More >>

What The New Steam Workshop Paid-For Mod Options Mean for PC Gamers

Throughout the years, one of the key advantages to PC gaming was that you weren't restricted to sticking with the game the manufacturers released. It was easy to acquire and install mods that would change the game in certain ways. There's been a change in the world of PC modding now however as Steam has announced it will be letting modders charge people to download their wares. What does this mean for gamers? Read More >>

Skyrim on the Cheap Is Your Steam-Powered Time Sink Deal of the Day

Statistics just made up by ourselves over there in the corner suggest that over 76 million man-hours have been lost to Skyrim since it was released towards the end of last year – enough to write the complete works of Shakespeare on 400,000 grains of rice. Read More >>

A £5 Portable Speaker Is Your Asbo Deal of the Day

Are you one of those annoying little wretches who enjoys sitting on public transport and listening to your favoured ‘music’ through the built-in speaker in your mobile, automatically enraging your fellow passengers? If so, you’re scum. Read More >>

Skyrim Is Your Life-Ending Deal of the Day

A hot contender for Game Of The Year has to be Skyrim -- it’s the game that the phrase ‘time vampire’ was surely made for. Players find that entire days have been lost to it and that their P45s are waiting for them at work, if they ever manage to get back into the real world that is. Read More >>