What’s Slack Doing With Your Data?

More than six million people use Slack daily, spending on average more than two hours each day inside the chat app. For many employees, work life is contingent on Slack, and surely plenty of us use it for more than just, say, work talk. You probably have a #CATS and a women-only channel, and you’ve probably said something privately that you wouldn’t want shared with your boss. But that’s not really up to you. Read More >>

IBM Remains Spineless as 31 More Companies Oppose Trump’s Muslim Ban

The list of companies opposing President Trump’s discriminatory Muslim travel ban has grown. Late yesterday, 31 companies added their names to an amicus brief opposing the ban, claiming that it hurts business. The total is now 127 companies, but there’s still one high profile tech company that hasn’t grown a backbone: IBM. Read More >>

This Guy Built a Slack Client for the Commodore 64

The chat app Slack boasts more than four million daily active users, but I bet this guy is the only one using it from his Commodore 64. Read More >>

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10 Tips To Make You a Slack Wizard

Slack continues to creep into offices and organisations worldwide, bringing a new and intuitive approach to old group chat model. If you’ve been signed up for the service at your workplace, then here are ten ways to wow your fellow workers with your Slack skills. Read More >>

Hacked Slack Chats Reveal School Teachers Are Insufferable Dicks

It’s a harsh lesson to learn, but internal chat messages like Slack are really not your friend. In fact, they can be your worst enemy. Teachers at the Blackstone Valley Prep High School in Rhode Island learned that lesson in the most embarrassing way possible. Read More >>

Thanks Slack, But We Don’t Really Need to Vote With Turds

The workplace messaging platform Slack has prided itself on sassy design: a cute logo that animates into a bursts of colours as it loads, a screen that reshuffles like a deck of cards when you change teams. Fine. But now, Slack is outdoing itself, and emojifying the crap out of its chat interface. We don’t need this. Read More >>