The Fitbit Versa 2 Chases Apple’s Dominance

The new Fitbit Versa 2 seems awfully aware of the issues Fitbit has had with its smartwatches for the last few cycles. The product, announced today, seems to address many of the previous issues with the line while also keeping some of the things that we love about the predecessors. It’s also offering a smartwatch that looks like an Apple device, but at a much lower price, and best of all, it’s offering Alexa integration that gives you a nice break from Apple and Google. Read More >>

This Small Radar Device Can Track Your Sleeping Patterns

In our quest for ever-better sleep trackers, we may have to turn to an older technology for results. Read More >>

Review: Lumoback is Most Certainly Not Bringing Sexy Back (or Correct Posture)

I am Quasimodo, the ringer of bells, the carrier of back-bending rucksacks, the maker of the lower-back groove in the squishiest of armchairs. I am storing up back problems for myself with my bad posture, and the Lumoback wants to help straighten me out. Read More >>