Facebook is Closing Creative Labs

Facebook quietly announced that its weird app experiment is over, and it will be closing the Creative Labs that led the initiative. That means apps like Slingshot (a Snapchat ripoff) and Rooms (a Reddit ripoff) will no longer be available for download. RIP Creative Labs. We never really knew you. Read More >>

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This Guy Made a Spinning Wheel of Death With Clothes Pegs and a Drill

Joerg Sprave is YouTube's pre-eminent creator of all things slingshot. On The Slingshot Channel, he shows off his various crazy-genius creations varying from all different levels of lethality. This Sunday Sprave debuted, as he describes, "the world's first drill-powered, fully automatic dart launcher." Read More >>

Facebook is Testing Self-Destructing Posts

Spotted by The Next Web, Facebook is testing a new feature that would allow people to schedule a time for their posts to be scrubbed from their timeline. This "Choose Expiration" feature lets you choose a life expectancy from 1 hour up to 7 days, based on user screenshots. Read More >>

Facebook Backtracks on Slingshot App ‘Feature’

Facebook has backtracked on the only feature that differentiated its Slingshot app from competitors like Snapchat. When you receive a photo or a video now, you're not required to send something back to "unlock" it. Read More >>

Facebook’s Snapchat Clone Just Got a Little Less Ridiculous

Slingshot, Facebook's second swing at Snapchat-like ephemera, may be pretty to look at, but until now, it's suffered from one huge problem: It didn't make a lick of sense. Thankfully, Facebook's finally remedied that by getting rid of its absurd reply-to-unlock feature. In other words—you can actually use it to have a normal conversation. Read More >>

Facebook’s Slingshot Ready For International Image-Throwing

The Slingshot app from Facebook is now available internationally, unlocking the latest photo-sharing tool for us lot. The idea is you can only see a message if you send something back to the sender first, holding incoming pics and vids hostage until you do so. Get it for Android or iOS right now if you like [Slingshot] Read More >>

Why Snapchat’s Imitators Don’t Work

The last few months have seen a crushing wave of Snapchat imitators, pretenders to the ephemeral throne. And every one of them has completely missed the point. Read More >>

Facebook Slingshot Hands-On: A Less Useful, More Confusing Snapchat

Last night, Facebook pushed its Snapchat-rival app, Slingshot, out to the US public. While not available here in the UK yet, we thought you might still want a peek at what to expect, from our US brothers' hands-on... Read More >>

Slingshot, Facebook’s Snapchat Competitor, is Here

Adding to Facebook's ever-increasing lineup of standalone apps, Slingshot is the social media giant's latest attempt to take on Snapchat. At least it can't be any worse than Poke. Read More >>

Pencils Are Even More Deadly When They’re Actually Steel Nails

The thing I appreciate about The Slingshot Channel is that it always brings projects two or three iterations past what I would ever think to pursue. The pencil shooter Joerg made last week was more of a curiosity. Not the most deadly thing we've seen by a long shot. See what I did there? Read More >>

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“Brain Slicer” Arrowheads Sound Like The Most Legit Arrowheads

What's a casual way to start a video? How about a fun little opening introducing what you're going to do or make. You could say something like, "Arrows are normally a good way to pierce a skull, but I'm concerned that [they] may not destroy enough brain matter." Light hearted fun! Read More >>

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The Slow-Motion Physics of Hand-Held Slingshots

We're big fans of the Smarter Every Day and Slingshot YouTube channels—so it's always nice when Destin and Joerg, their respective owners, get together. This time round, they use high-speed photography to take a close look at the physics of hand-held slingshots—and work out how to make them as destructive as possible. Read More >>

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African Spear Throwing Slingshot Bazooka Is Internet’s Newest Insane Weapon

In the most destructive mixture of German and African culture since the Berlin Conference, Teutonic wood warlord Joerg Sprave has outdone himself. His newest Crazy Weapon might be the Craziest Crazy Weapon he's ever Crazied. Read More >>

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Ever Fancied Taking Part In a Zombie Apocalypse?

Well now you can, as SlingShot brings its self-dubbed 'city-wide zombie chase game' to various cities around the UK, allowing you to experience the thrill and horror of being chased by, well, zombies. With this awesome trailer setting the mood for the event, it looks like you could be in for a real treat, especially if the photos from the Bristol event below are anything to go by. Read More >>

This Slingshot Can Kill Humans—With Style

The £100 Montie Gear Y-Fork Slingshot—designed by Nichols Pennington—is made of aluminium, with a paracord-wrapped handle and a Thera-Band Gold flat band with a leather pouch. It can throw 0.5-inch ball bearings or .44 cal lead ball. Read More >>