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This Video of a Vet Pulling a Slipper Out of a Snake Is Gnarly as Heck

An elderly Australian man went to bed on Tuesday of last week with his slippers under his bed, but woke up Wednesday morning to find only one of the slippers waiting for him. Read More >>

Shoes Make Kids Stupid

A school in Derbyshire has been testing a new learning system on its kids, but it's not iPads, drugs, whiteboards or the reintroduction of corporal punishment -- it's slippers. Read More >>

Batmobile Slippers Make Those Dark Nights a Little Comfier

Do cold floors and stubbed toes have you purposely avoiding middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom? With a pair of Batmobile slippers on your feet, you’ve got nothing to fear except your friends being jealous of how cool you look. Read More >>

These Vented Slippers Breathe With Every Step to Prevent Hot Feet

Unless you live in one of those weird homes where they wear shoes indoors you've probably got a pair of slippers at the ready for when things get chilly. They'll keep your feet warm, but it's a delicate balance as you never want them too warm. So with every step, these vented GoodFoot Optimal slippers blast out uncomfortable warmth and suck in refreshing breezes for your feet. Read More >>

Giant Robot Sound Effect Slippers Make Your Cyborg Fantasies Come True

At one point or another, who hasn't fantasised about having a limb replaced with a cyborg alternative, or some kind of robotic upgrade? Sadly, that technology still kind of sucks, so it's up to your imagination to make that dream come true—that and ThinkGeek's new sound-effect robot slippers. Read More >>

One Does Not Simply Walk Barefoot Into Mordor With These Hobbit Slippers

Hobbit slippers, it's a fairly simple idea yet we're just really seeing them now nearly 11 years after Hobbits first graced the big screen during The Fellowship of The Ring. Now you can transform your feet into something with such impressive hair it would make Bigfoot jealous, all for only £30-odd all-in, thanks to the great minds at Think Geek. Read More >>