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Cooking an Airbag Turns a Microwave Door Into a Missile

Despite an endless list of fascinating and destructive experiments you can try, microwaves should really only be used to heat food. Not lightbulbs, not highlighters, and definitely not an airbag from a car. Unless you’ve got a high-speed camera to record the microwave’s door turning into a high-speed missile. Read More >>

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Watch Glass Explode in Spectacular Slow Motion

Glass can explode, and seeing it happen in slow motion is damn incredible. The Slow Mo Guys pointed the Phantom V2511 high-speed camera at a Pyrex glass measuring cup that was heated with a torch and then doused in cold water to capture the exploding glass (the sudden temperature change isn’t good with tempered glass) and you can see just how fast it blows up. Read More >>

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MEMS: The Microscopic Switches That Make the Modern World Possible

We use them every day without realising it. They're in our phones, our cars, our cameras, and innumerable electronic devices. They're called MEMS, and they're the microscopic switches that allow our gadgets to become smaller, lighter, and faster. Read More >>

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How Many Elastic Bands Does It Take to Make a Watermelon Explode In Slo-Mo?

I was asking myself that very question just the other day; thankfully the Slow Mo Guys have some sort of an answer for me in glorious, everything-is-better-in-slo-mo. Read More >>